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  1. Hi Mate Mostly use meguiars. Used there hybrid ceramic wax first and finished off with ceramic detailer. Always use a drying towel, Kent ones are great and cheap. I also use auto finesse supersoft buffing cloths.
  2. Lovely day today need to keep busy under the circumstances. all the best keep safe
  3. Gerry Doverman on worcester road good garage mate.
  4. Black golf r Mk7 spotted about 8.15 driving past cotswold mini in Hereford
  5. Thanks All for the help.
  6. Hi All What is the best thing to clean your sat nav screen any ideas.
  7. Shippo


    Great photo lovely car.
  8. Ok ok was just messing around with my new car.
  9. A bit over the top for me looks like you have driven through Halfords covered in super glue
  10. I was impressed with this. This was A roads following the traffic.
  11. Like that wheel who did that
  12. Just across the border for me I’m up for that
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