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  1. It's only going to be deemed more and more anti-social as electric cars rise in popularity. Not to mention that those with loud exhausts will stand out even more - therefore being an easy target for police etc. I've never had a problem with the standard R exhaust sound....the in-laws and wife both still say they can hear me coming before they can see the car!
  2. I put the Bosch ones on and hated them....they annoyingly flicked the last bit of water on the downward wipe back up on to the middle of the screen - every single wipe. Very annoying. Put some new genuine VAG ones on and they're perfect. The only thing I know with the genuine ones is they don't last too long - a couple of years max - but at least I know whilst I'll need to replace them frequently they work flawlessly...
  3. Looks like driver not wearing a seat belt....that's quite some head impact on the screen....
  4. Mine is Lapiz and looks nothing like that....colour match is very good on mine. Could have been repaired (badly) in transit from factory to dealer.
  5. Saw this morning (Wed) - passed each other a couple of times (me not in my R).... If you're on here, I wondered if your exhaust is modified or not.... Looked standard, but sounded great as you passed me - obviously never passed myself, so wonder if that's what it sounds like as standard to other road users... If so, quite tasty!
  6. I actually think we’ve got pretty outdated expectations of batteries here in the UK due to our mostly moderate climate and historical low demands on the battery. Power demands on batteries have increased - and that’s starting to show up as us experiencing similar lifespans to those that more extreme climates have always had to endure. I lived in the Middle East for a few years, had brand new cars, and it was generally expected that batteries were replaced annually, or maybe every couple of years if you were lucky, as part of the service regime. Battery warranties were only 12 months from factory on new cars.
  7. Had mine checked at the same time as in for a service (had to drop it the day before) - they found nothing wrong with it and didn’t charge extra for this test - and that was at an Inchcape...
  8. As long as you've got one and it fits then that's the main thing, unless you're going for 'matching numbers' concourse standard! For reference if anyone else is searching in the future - part number on mine from VW is 000.093.055.S Mine is a hatch (2015) rather than wagon, but I can't imagine they're different - mounting looks the same....
  9. I've got a genuine vw one in mine and it fits with the case as intended! I got my dealer to search it up on the factory database and they were able to pick up the part number (i assume looking at the Euro spec where is fitted).... I'll have a look at the part number tomorrow and post back here...
  10. Shouldn't damage the battery connecting it like that (they may have damaged it by over-discharging it though) - but connecting direct to battery negative will mean that the car will be reporting an inaccurate State Of Charge through the central electronics. Main dealers can perform a reset/recalibrate the system..... I'm sure it's possible yourself with VCDS as well, but I don't know how I'm afraid.
  11. I'd actually much rather the mk7, and chose one very deliberately, as prefer the dials, the non-gloss middle screen, the side skirts, and the entire look of the front end!
  12. If you’re making money out of the YouTube videos concerned...then you’ll need the insurance to cover you for business use as well...
  13. I’ve had a TT on 4 axle stands in the garage for in excess of a year working on it - it’s perfectly stable! I think I’m on the highest setting and can slide under to work on it quite comfortably on a crawler...
  14. Yeah, I guess you never know, but Michelin’s accuracy figures put it as one of the better ones on the market and it won one of these ‘best buy’ tests from Autocar or similar that I read before I bought it. I’ve got a separate digital pressure tester, and that reads the same pressure as the inflator gauge - so they’re either both pretty accurate or both wrong to the same degree!!! [emoji23]
  15. I’ve got this one https://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductMobileDisplay?catalogId=10151&langId=-1&categoryId=255241&productId=974117&storeId=10001 It’s great - set the pressure and let it do its thing! Accuracy is good and even copes with our big Q7 tyres at 46 PSI easily.
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