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  1. Well...everyone has different circumstances and each person lives in a different location I guess....so I appreciate each person needs to make their own choices....but we also visit extended relatives 200 miles away (in a part of the country with very poor public charging provision actually)....our I-PACE easily does that distance one way with charge to spare (and all but the smallest battery sized newer EVs seem to be offering 200+ mile range - the bigger battery options 300+) - and when we go to visit we tend to be staying over, so we just plug in to the mains and slow charge while we’re there. On occasions when we’re not staying, then I know there is a high power charger about half way - so I can stop off for a cuppa each way and put enough charge in within the 20mins or so that it takes to go to the toilet and get the tea to do the journey... If we’re visiting friends/family in parts of the country where public charging is better then we just fast charge while we’re there - either when we’re out and about shopping/visiting places etc. - or sometimes just park somewhere close to their houses where there’s fast charging. Of course, in the future, more people will have chargers installed at home - so chances are many friends/family visits will just entail plugging in at their home.
  2. Just to throw in a completely different opinion....I’ve already ‘switched’ as the main car and don’t see us buying another ICE car as the main car in the household. Still got the R...but it’s a low mileage garage queen really and only goes out in dry weather. Got 2 other ‘ICE’ cars too....but the one that gets used the most - by both me and my wife - is the electric I-PACE. We love it - it really is a great car. 0-60 in 4.5secs and for a 2 tonne vehicle handles exceptionally well (mainly as all the weight is in the floor - batteries). The only reason I can think of where anyone has a valid concern - at the moment - for going electric are those who can’t easily charge at home (eg earlier post in this thread re London etc)....if you can have a charger at home then essentially you start to think of it like a mobile phone and just charge it every night - then it’s like having your own petrol station on the driveway - you always leave home with a ‘full tank’! The situation will change soon enough even for those who can’t charge at home anyway with lamppost & kerb chargers being installed. I’m not just a short distance driver either - I have a daily 150 mile commute - and we visit friend all around the country. Never once in the 18 months we’ve had it so far have we ever had a range/Charging issue. And in reality, we’ve only ever had to charge publicly a handful of times... you just don’t need to in most instances as if you’re not charging at home, you charge at your destination. When we have charged publicly, we’ve never had any problems. Genuinely, unless you drive from Cornwall to Scotland every week, charging is a non-issue and just something the media make a fuss of as their thinking is still based around petrol stations. Anyway, didn’t come here to rant - just wanted to give another view from someone who is an out and out petrol head, but who’s also embraced electric and loves it! The prices are starting to come down too...so it’s all heading in the right direction - I think we’re around the perfect time to switch actually, as the lower vehicle prices have started flowing through, yet you can still get grants and tax advantages....
  3. You also need to code the steering module - think it’s module 10. However, if the handle isn’t flipping when you select reverse this suggests a power issue as it should do that regardless of coding....I’d check the +ve and ground connections.
  4. Deleted as just seen you’ve fixed it!
  5. I would say your £2k - £3k is probably about right for a Hormann sectional. I’ve got 2 doors - 1 is a single & 1 is 1 1/2 size - both doors were £5k total fitted....but they are both custom sizes and have brushed stainless steel decorative detail added....and are fully connected as IoT devices. It would be cheaper for a standard size and plain colour along with standard opening electronics. Love the (German) quality of the Hormann’s and the level of insulation is insane...the garage is always as cosy as the house!
  6. You are an absolute star - thank you very much for this - that really helps me visualise what’s going on beneath the trim & carpet! [emoji2]
  7. If you’re happy to do the front and rear that would be awesome! [emoji16] From what I can tell the wiring routing should be the same regardless of hatch/varient (except being a bit longer!) Thank you so much!
  8. Strange request maybe - but I don’t suppose you have a picture/could take a picture of the passenger side footwell/sill area (similar to the one you’ve posted of the driver side) that you could upload to this thread? I’m just about to embark on retro fitting a reversing camera and it would be great to see the existing wiring on each side so that I can work out which side to run the new cables - the only diagrams I can find are for LHD vehicles.... Thanks in advance!
  9. Just had mine delivered today! Really impressed with the quality - the attention to detail on the interior, in particular, is fantastic [emoji2] Just need to get myself a nice shelf for the garage now to display it!
  10. They actually couldn’t get close on price supplying the tyres - so said as they couldn’t price match they’d fit them for me at the same time as the other work if I got them myself....charged me £50 for fitting them...I bought them with cash back from Camskill online so the total doing it that way ended up cheaper than anyone else could supply and fit for together!
  11. Another recommendation for Shrewsbury VW (Inchcape) from me after my 5th service there (3rd annual one they've done for me) - always great service and they go the extra mile to look after the R for me as they know I'm precious about it!
  12. The after sales manager there drives a 7R Estate - which I think helps! 😉 And yes, the R is a long-term 'keeper' for me - hope there's a few more amongst us that will keep the forum alive with the 7!
  13. Left it at VW for the day ... picked it up 8 hours later having had its 5th annual service, MOT, AC service, brake fluid refresh, an infotainment/software recall & 4 new Michelin PS4S tyres fitted (and me a smaller bank balance)! Also picked up a reversing camera retrofit kit from them - will keep me busy for a while! If anyone’s considering it then I got one with a different part number to what I’d found on the forum before - seen people comment that the instructions were for left hand drive - so a friendly chat with the aftersales manager later and I’d had the right hand drive kit ordered. Part number 5G2 054 634. Loving the MPS4S on the drive home - coming from the factory Bridgestones the ride quality is so much better! [emoji16] Great service from Shrewsbury VW as always - car not washed, careful removing the wheel weights so they didn’t scratch the alloys, and even kept the car inside the workshop when they’d finished so as not to risk it getting door dings in the car park [emoji3]
  14. A little late to the party on this one (alright - very late) - but couldn't see anyone with this keyring in the thread so far so thought I'd add it. Genuine VW R accessory.
  15. Good find! No experience of it - but I’ve resisted fitting the other type fitted by most as I don’t normally have my foot resting “as far left” as would be required on the other more shapely model.....this one is a direct copy of the OEM (wider) shape and so looks to be perfect! I may well need to get myself one ordered....
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