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  1. Wardy

    Best snow foam

    Awesome thank you 😊
  2. Wardy

    Best snow foam

    Awesome thank you for the help and advice. I will try the Bilt Hamber one 👍
  3. Wardy

    Best snow foam

    Hey could I get some recommendations for the best snow foam cleaner please? I have never used it and just got a pressure washer etc? 🤔
  4. Progressive parts Manchester is a great place. Highly recommended, great guys very helpful and knowledgeable.
  5. Wardy


    Awesome thank you. Yeah I’d always use screen wash of some sort nothing else. I’ll try the VW stuff. which snow foam is the best to buy? Loads of choice and I’ve never used it before? 🤔
  6. Wardy


    Ah ok thank you. What about washer bottle fluid, what’s best to put in there? its a nightmare at the moment
  7. Wardy


    What do people use in their windscreens? I’m having to clean mine every other day due to flies and bugs. They just splat on the window and won’t come off??
  8. Yes I’m running OE Cadiz wheels just need longer bolts with the lock on. That’s great thank you
  9. Anyone know where I can get longer locking wheel nut bolts from? I have 10mm spacers to go on but the OEM bolts will be too short. I have longer bolts with the spacers but need 4 longer locking bolts?
  10. Just got some Pirelli P zero Nero GT’s put on. Anyone else used these? They seem really good to me 😊
  11. Wardy

    My R

    Think they are Racingline. Had them fitted at progressive parts Manchester
  12. Is there a group for manual gearboxes and different stages in tuning?
  13. Wardy

    My R

    Just thought I’d share a picture of my R. It’s now lower and Revo Stage 2. Just need new wheels now and a new exhaust and maybe a rear spoiler extension and a front splitter. The exhaust back box was next on the agenda but as we are on lock down that will have to wait. I love VW always have and this is my dream car. Never thought I’d have one 😊
  14. They would go nice with my Revo stage 2 tuned R 🤔😊
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