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  1. Wow wish I’d seen that video before. Thank you for posting that, very interesting and useful info.
  2. Don’t have LC as it’s a manual. I did find out that it’s possible to launch a manual but it’s really bad for the drivetrain etc so I reckon whoever had it before had been doing that as when I went stage 2 with it, the clutch and flywheel were proper knackered. It was fine after for a while then it just started producing the fault 🤷‍♂️
  3. My first car, VW beetle I had resprayed Cadbury purple it was amazing
  4. That’s stunning. That’s the sort of colour I’d go for. My favourite colour purple
  5. I’m in Herefordshire so Birmingham is about an hour from me. Thank you
  6. No it wasn’t. It was taken back to stock map and it still did it. As I’m the third owner I’d say it’s been driven hard and unfortunately for me it decided to go when I had it. I had it at 57k and it was fine for a while. One of those things I guess. It was a definitely a mechanical fault in the end. It’s all good now 😄
  7. No link between the tune and the fault as it was put back to stock and it still did it. Well yes I’ve had bits changed that probably didn’t need to be but as the fault had been there for a while, it had caused the haldex to stop working and the controller to burn out so they were linked to the fault. Cost a bit 🙄🤣
  8. Yeah I have Revo stage 2 on my 2015 R. It’s great I love it. Car drives superbly. It drives like normal unless you give it the beans then it’s even better. I upgraded the brakes too and had a new clutch (RTS). My work was done by REVO Manchester. Great place and great guys. It’s not spoiled the car at all, just made it much more fun. It’s a lovely smooth delivery of power, no spikes or flat spots. I went from stock to stage 2. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve had no issues and it drives great. I had the full upgrade so, new intercooler, down pipe etc. Everything that is recommended for that level of tune. I run it on 99 Ron only. I’ve had the spark plugs replaced and run it on miller’s nanotech oil. I went with the advice from the guys at Revo Manchester. The clutch has an OEM feel and it drives lovely. Mine is a manual though.
  9. Does anyone know of or used a really good reliable company that does car wraps? Have been considering getting a complete wrap done but have no idea where to start. Anyone got any recommendations?
  10. So at last my R is driving as it should. It’s been a pain in the bum and it’s been bloody expensive. Big shout out to Retro Resus for saving the day. Can’t recommend these guys enough. So it turned out to be the transfer box eventually!! I’ve had the Haldex pump replaced, it was still wrong. I’ve had the controller for it all replaced, still wasn’t working. Tom at Retro Resus said it was possibly the diff so that’s been replaced. It was still playing up and he said it could only be the transfer box and he was spot on. They had the R for a week, replaced transfer box and it is now sorted. It’s like driving a different car. With the stage 2 Revo tune it’s so good now. It’s cost me a lot but finally I can enjoy it properly. 🥳🤪👍
  11. So I’m going to get it looked at by Retro Resus. See if they can shed some light on it. It’s so annoying and ruining my enjoyment of the car to be honest. Thanks for the help and advice people I will keep posting the results if any!!! 😡🙄😔
  12. It’s a manual R so no dsg issues. It did it with a different brand tune too ( racingline) the link doesn’t work for the ignition switch article 🤔
  13. Haven’t tried it tbh doesn’t it make the car unable to handle though?
  14. I really need some help. I’ve had my R tuned with REVO. It’s now their stage 2 package. It has a fault which has been throughly checked out and cannot be cured. Progressive parts in Manchester did all the work and they have been excellent. The car has been back twice and they can’t find out why it’s producing this fault. They even sent it to an electronics expert who went over all the work and still couldn’t find out why it was doing it. It’s not leaving any codes to track it down either. Under hard acceleration the traction control light flickers on like the wheels are spinning. They aren’t, it’s had a new Haldex pump fitted and calibrated etc. After about 5 times of the light flicking on the dash a STARTER SYSTEM FAULTY WORKSHOP in amber with an amber warning ⚠️ comes up then goes off after a few seconds. They have had the car in twice for a full week and cannot find why it’s producing this fault. I’m desperate to get it sorted out as I love the car so much but it’s ruining my fun of owning it. It’s been returned to stock to see if it’s the software mapping issue, it still did it in stock mode. It’s had all wheel sensors calibrated etc but it still does it!! Can anyone help me please!! The car will have to go if I can’t get it fixed as it’s driving me insane. It’s been told it has a new ABS system fitted to see if that was it, still does it. It’s been connected to Germany etc and had full diagnostics done, still does it. The report from this shows no mechanical faults and everything working correctly. 😭😭😡
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