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  1. I’ll have a think about it, one of my problems is with our adding another £10/20k to it there’s nothing I fancy
  2. To be honest I’ve worked shifts for the last 30 years and would hate to work days but don’t tell the management they pay us extra for working shifts lol
  3. Some of us work shifts so Friday could be our Monday 😞
  4. DSG oil change is every 40k haldex oil is every 3 years
  5. Jut remember you can up your offer but you can’t lower it and they normally let you make a second offer
  6. Not sure I’ve not even thought about selling I spent a lot of time money and effort getting as it is now
  7. Just priced 2 new strips up £30 so going to get 2 give the cavity and come a good coat of spray wax and refit it all back
  8. Not good mine has 19s from the factory what was the mod ?
  9. Didn’t get any pics and haven’t removed it as you can see it when you open the doors so if you remove it there is a direct root from the inner wing to the door opening it’s the grey sponge you see in the hinge gap when the doors open
  10. Just had my front mud flaps off and wheel arch liners removed to clean out the dirt trap behind the liners, can’t believe VW saw fit to fit a nice big block of foam behind the liners to hold dirt and moisture against the inner wing not there finest bit of design
  11. Good luck with the new job but don’t feel to old I still have my pink paper driving license
  12. Audi dealer or if they are still dealing the public TPS think it’s about £120 for the cover and 3 fixing bolts
  13. Not sure if it’s the same but on the Golf 6R you can fit the mk2 TTS engine cover you just need the cover and 3 mounting bolts
  14. 2 door look much sportier IMOP and are no were near as common as 4 door, as for being in the back there is no difference once you are in there
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