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  1. Just let me know if you want Phil number
  2. I use Phil Manser at Elite he is an EX Teeside Audi tech I would highly recommend him to any one in the North East he’s been looking after my VAGs for 16 years PM me if anyone wants his number he’s in Stockton on Tees
  3. I bought the daughter Polo on PCP to get the PCP deal (£1500 off the price) then paid the PCP off with in £14 days and paid £40 interest, you could do this then you would have the car reg to get the loan from the bank and have the PCP saving
  4. These people and thieves in general are Absolute scum we need some punishments that will make them think twice, I remember watching a clip of guy in Saudi getting 10 lashes all I could think was no idea what you have done but I bet you won’t do it again
  5. Cheers 356mm front Forge 6 pots 330mm Forge 4 pots rear
  6. I have fitted one to my 6R it I bought the parts myself from TPS the how to I used recommended fitting the Scirocco boot stops as they are spring loaded, I didn’t use them as they made the door gap bigger when it was shut the result is it works fine most of the time but if it is very cold and the oil in the struts is cold it will react as you say, I’d guess you problem is the same one when the weather warms up it should be fine but it will spring open very quickly in the summer
  7. Had mine stage 2+ tuned had it for 7 years with out any problems
  8. The only downside with these is it’s easy to cut the wheel to remove them
  9. DSG oil should be changed every 40k has this been done ? a a belt every 5 years according to my handbook so it’s well over due, a failed haldex pump is common on these cut at your age and milage if it was going to go I think it would have by now, also they only change the oil not the filter check for rust on the inner wings behind the wheels front and rear, have a look on my build thread (Andy’s candy) not sure if there’s some pictures in there
  10. Yes mate had it for 10 years
  11. Forge are the only ones who have a built in hydraulic hand brake with there 4 pot rear calipers with every other manufacturer inc Brembo you need to fit a separate handbrake Caliper So your question was not dim at all
  12. Last time I tried to tell him he wasn’t a parrot he wouldn’t talk to me
  13. This our dog Loki just don’t tell him he’s a dog he thinks he’s a parrot and I’m a pirate
  14. 356mm front with the Forge 6 pots on the front and 330mm rears with there 4pots
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