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  1. We bought the daughter a Polo on PCP as they were offering £1500 of the price if you bought it using the PCP system, paid it off with in 14 days cost £30 in interest but still got the £1500 off the price, worth thinking about as PCP finance is usually higher than a personal loan
  2. Really can’t see the point in these not to mention they are but ugly
  3. Might need the catch adjusting slightly
  4. Merry Christmas Not so merry for me I’m working 24/25/26/27th
  5. Cheers Forge also do a 4 pot for the rear with a built in hand brake
  6. I have the Forge six pots and my BBS CH-R clear with out any problems
  7. Yes it’s a very good match to the paint
  8. Glad you like it got them from www.badgeskins.com
  9. Great news hope he also apologised
  10. The more electric cars hit the roads the more the government will hammer them all the VAT from servicing and VAT and fuel duty will need to be recovered from some where
  11. Lancia made some Beautiful cars It’s just a pity them made them out of old bake bean tins
  12. Contact there head office and send them a letter before action basically it’s a letter giving them chance to put things right before taking legal action
  13. I’m running the same wheels as you along with he Forge 6pots on the front and 4 pots on the rear with out spacers The fronts come in 2 disc sizes you will want the bigger discs I run Tarox 6 pots on one of my TTs they are a very slim caliper might also be worth a look
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