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  1. Mine is because I also own a yellow TT if you haddent guessed
  2. Cheers Standard wheel but with the APR lower badge section to replace the R logo
  3. You can get them from Audi or TPS you also need the 3 bolts to mount it
  4. Can’t see it myself then lose to much in speeding fines
  5. Looks like a lot of motorsport venues aren’t interested in the car club events any more and I think they were struggling to find a venue, but I believe they will be back next year
  6. Yes VAG tuner is also cancelled for 2019
  7. Yep no inters this year but it had been cancelled before this due to Rockingham being sold ADI has also been cancelled
  8. Bigger and bulkier but I think you would be better off with a disclok
  9. Scum of the earth when are they going to start dishing out some proper punishments to make them think twice about committing these crimes
  10. Gutting for you, but as you say no one was hurt you cars can be replaced
  11. I went with these from a guy on here just fit to the existing paddles
  12. I went for the BBS Ch-R 8.5 x19 with 225 tyres front and rear
  13. My 6R has Bluetooth and the unit is defo fitted under the drivers seat
  14. My R is running APR stage 2+ and running 366bhp never heard of a stage 2 mk6 R running 400
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