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  1. Bad news bought a lot of BBS over the years have 3 sets in the garage at the moment. All the cheap knockoff. Copy’s can’t help them
  2. Washed mine Twice since lock down started it sat in the garage been driving my mothers 1.6 03 plate auto Astra as she is cabined up it will be fun when I get it back out
  3. Could ask the dealer to see the V5 and try contacting the last owner
  4. When I bought my TT roadster back in 2001 it came with the plate NH51 DFL Told one of my mates I was looking for a private late for it, his reply why bother that one suits you, when I asked how he said DFL Daft Fat Lad
  5. Looks like good value to me free car respray with every 2 wheels refurbished
  6. Another vote for the Disclok only one worth having IMOP
  7. As long as it’s not electric it’s all good with me lol
  8. T6.5 4 motion camper with top spec and an Audi RS 5 pot engine tuned to about 550/600 BHP
  9. Defo do working on the next 2 now
  10. Still been working but eating less and doing a bit of cycling managed to lose 2 stone
  11. Just to clarify my 6 has Electric folding mirrors but they do not fold when you lock the doors you need to set the switch to fold before you leave the car The other half’s car is getting changed for a new one so I thought I might swap the bits over to my R
  12. The other half has a 67 plate Tiguan and when you lock /unlock the doors the mirrors automatically fold in and out just wondering what I would need to swap from her Tiguan to my 12 plate mk6 R to get it to work on that ? If it can be done at all
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