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  1. You don’t see many silver ones I’m also fighting the urge to buy an RS3 saloon but as you say the mk6 R is a better looking cat
  2. Very nice I much prefer the look of the mk6 over the mk7 (sorry mk7 owners)
  3. First time out in the R since lockdown so thought a few pics were in order, would normally had the BBS on for summer but not much point at the moment
  4. Make sure you only fit a cover to a 100% clean car or you will do more harm than good
  5. Hope so I’m possibly fancying an RS3 sport saloon only problem is I think my 6R is a better looking car
  6. Congratulations (and that’s me 1 closer to 2000 lol)
  7. As above it’s all down to money
  8. I’ve taken my mothers 03 plate 1.6 auto Astra off her to make sure she stays in, I’ll do all her running about and I’m a key worker so I’m using her Astra for now on the + side the R will feel fantastic once I get it out again
  9. The lasts 2 at Rockingham we’re much better
  10. The last inters at Rockingham was brilliant almost back to the good old days it’s a pity there will be no more
  11. Yep I was an member has an Anni for 10 years before the R
  12. Had my old cannonades our last week I’m suffering for it now lol
  13. They do have a filter but VW say it’s good for the life of the Haldex and don’t even supply them but they aren't I’d change it every time you service the Haldex
  14. Think you will struggle on the front if lowered, my car is lowered on coilovers and have 3mm spacers to clear my Forge brakes brakes I had to drop from 235/19 tyres to 225/19 also there is a big difference tyre width on some tyres my Dunlop’s are a good 10/15mm wider than my Uniroyals both are 225/19/35
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