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  1. With the BBS no with the standard wheels I run 3mm
  2. Yes still got it but have been toying with the idea of a change the wheels are CH-R et 48 with 225/35/19 tyres
  3. I have no problem with them chaining them selfs to lorries as long as the lorries don’t have to stop working once they have chained them selfs to it
  4. Had mine MOTed last month no mention or them
  5. Sorry only just spotted this lol very nice don’t see many in red
  6. Remember when you turn the heating or air con on the range drops my other half has a company electric car range I’d 286 miles but with the heating or air con on it drops by 45/50 miles 90% of the time we have one or the other on
  7. Don’t even go there I’ve also owned and sold at a loss a 1 year old series 1 RSturbo on a D plate only about 6 registered on a D, a 1year old escort cosworth with 6k on the clock rare colour and every factory option, a year old mk 1 Astra GTE bought with 6100 on the clock, series 2 RS turbo bought new in 1990
  8. Love the corrado’s bought a g60 brand new back in 1991 had it for 5 years
  9. Hey yellow,  just wondering can you use s3 hubs on the mk6r? S3 hubs are alloy mk6r are cast and heavy 

    1. YELLOW_TT


      Sorry I don’t know but would be interested if you find out 

    2. Puregrey6r


      I know they fit but worry about the offset especially on stock wheels. I put out a post. So let's see if anyone gets back to me. Any more updates on your car?

  10. Yes I had the exact problem on my 6R when the Haldex pump went common fault on the mk6R and TTs around that time
  11. Getting the R about were I want it so I gave it a quick clean and detail Thinking about a black roof and maybe the Forge rear big brake kit to finish off
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