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  1. Cheers 356mm front Forge 6 pots 330mm Forge 4 pots rear
  2. I have fitted one to my 6R it I bought the parts myself from TPS the how to I used recommended fitting the Scirocco boot stops as they are spring loaded, I didn’t use them as they made the door gap bigger when it was shut the result is it works fine most of the time but if it is very cold and the oil in the struts is cold it will react as you say, I’d guess you problem is the same one when the weather warms up it should be fine but it will spring open very quickly in the summer
  3. Had mine stage 2+ tuned had it for 7 years with out any problems
  4. The only downside with these is it’s easy to cut the wheel to remove them
  5. DSG oil should be changed every 40k has this been done ? a a belt every 5 years according to my handbook so it’s well over due, a failed haldex pump is common on these cut at your age and milage if it was going to go I think it would have by now, also they only change the oil not the filter check for rust on the inner wings behind the wheels front and rear, have a look on my build thread (Andy’s candy) not sure if there’s some pictures in there
  6. Yes mate had it for 10 years
  7. Forge are the only ones who have a built in hydraulic hand brake with there 4 pot rear calipers with every other manufacturer inc Brembo you need to fit a separate handbrake Caliper So your question was not dim at all
  8. Last time I tried to tell him he wasn’t a parrot he wouldn’t talk to me
  9. This our dog Loki just don’t tell him he’s a dog he thinks he’s a parrot and I’m a pirate
  10. 356mm front with the Forge 6 pots on the front and 330mm rears with there 4pots
  11. I’m running KWs as well have them on my TT’s as well really like the way they drive
  12. No spacers the BBS CH-RS are fine but the talladegas are very close to the callipers at the height mine are even with the 225/35 tyres they still sometimes catch the plastic wheel arch liners so I think with 235/35s you would have to raise them a good bit higher almost th standard height The tyres you use also makes a big difference as the 225 uniroyal rain sports I am now running are a lot narrower than the 225 Dunlop’s Avon’s and Yokohama I have ran in the past
  13. Cheers You could run 235/35/19s if you set the coilovers higher but not sure how much higher you would need to set them, the R actually came with 225/40/18s as standard the 235s were only fitted on the optional 19in wheels
  14. We bought the daughter a Polo on PCP as they were offering £1500 of the price if you bought it using the PCP system, paid it off with in 14 days cost £30 in interest but still got the £1500 off the price, worth thinking about as PCP finance is usually higher than a personal loan
  15. Really can’t see the point in these not to mention they are but ugly
  16. Might need the catch adjusting slightly
  17. Merry Christmas Not so merry for me I’m working 24/25/26/27th
  18. Cheers Forge also do a 4 pot for the rear with a built in hand brake
  19. I have the Forge six pots and my BBS CH-R clear with out any problems
  20. Yes it’s a very good match to the paint
  21. Glad you like it got them from www.badgeskins.com
  22. Great news hope he also apologised
  23. The more electric cars hit the roads the more the government will hammer them all the VAT from servicing and VAT and fuel duty will need to be recovered from some where
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