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  1. I decided to get my Spielbergs professionally re-painted black after the 19 inch Pretoria's were going to cost a small fortune. Also got the silver strip at the front painted black. Absolutely stoked with the result and love the look.
  2. Has anybody had their silver Speiberg rims painted gloss black to make them gloss black rims. Black Pretoria rims from VW Australia pricing is insane. I have Lapiz Blue, so concerned it might be too dark? They look cool in this pic of fake chinese ones https://images.app.goo.gl/NXu29FFFr1pdDL2B9
  3. Washed the R for the first time - 3380 km. Looks like new again.
  4. It says 250 aka 36 psi. My old GTI said the same, however when I bought some 18 inch Pirelli's the tyre shop said run at 38 psi. That felt better than 36.
  5. What is the best tyre pressure to put on the factory 19inch continentals? Cheers
  6. No. At least not now brand new. 😎 What is the most popular mod on the R that does not void the warranty?
  7. Thanks. Good to be here. Only had the R for a few days. The GTI is more direct but more frantic in driving via the front wheels. The turning circle is better with the GTI. The R handles better especially at speed. Seems better balanced to drive. Incredibly fast thru gears S2 to S4. Seems to drive slower, yet you are going faster. The R is quieter yet has a more deep exhaust sound. The stop start is a lot better on the R. Overall really enjoying the R a lot.
  8. After 5 years of enjoying a GTI, decided to upgrade to a fully spec'd MY20 R. Loving it.
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