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  1. As long as you are having fun. 🙂
  2. The handle above each door. When passengers grab it in panic you know you're having fun.
  3. Yesterday when jumping into my R I discovered a spring and white pin on the drivers seat. Not noticing what had happenned until I got out and banged my head on the drivers Fun Handle did I realise what had gone on. Has anyone else had this and is it possible to replace said items or do I need to report under warranty for replacement? Alex
  4. You're right. Please excuse me, English is my first language.😉
  5. Door kick plates and boot liner. A good wash today which is bound to ad 0.2 sec to 60. 😁
  6. That's a stunning colour in that light.
  7. AlexDB


    Still believe this is an outstanding piece of marketing.
  8. I have hit the button on a Custom Covers item. I'll offer my opinion once it has arrived. What I didn't say is that it is not to protect from a pooch or general rubbish. My sport requires that I put wet and damp equipment in the boot so I want preserve the interior. Also the Bumper flap needs to be protected from cylinder scuffs etc. Thanks for the input folks. Alex
  9. Certainly looks the business and you are right it is alot of money. You have the optional Bumper Flap?
  10. Folks, I wish to purchase a boot liner. I have found this however any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/312180258213 Alex
  11. Happened on my Passat drivers door. I put it down to leaving the heater on when not required causing the adhesive to fail.
  12. Not 100% gone but doesn't scream "Look what that idiot did"
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