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  1. So the moneys in the bank today so I took the trip over to Edinburgh to try buy the golf that I took out a test drive last week. Well sadly someone called up and left a deposit on it this morning!! Bummer
  2. Star performance is 15 mins away from me
  3. So I'm looking to buy my first golf r estate but just wondering where's best to take the car for servicing. Does anyone know any reputable garages around the Fife area or are vw the preferred choice when it comes to servicing? I know there's star performance in dysart however I've never been to them nor do I know of any good vag specialists that are good and trust worthy in my area. Cheers Sean
  4. The distance I need to travel wouldn't normally bother me but with covid and restrictions it could just be that bit more difficult. I went to South East London for my e92 m3 and travelled to Swansea for my focus rs. I've seen a few on AutoTrader at 21k and 22k 1 owner cars with circa 20k miles on the clock. Personally I think I prefer the look of the 7. But it's everything else the 7.5 has to offer is my reason for going for the newer model. If a good 7 come up like the one I wanted last week then I'd poss just go for it and it frees up money to spend on the house. This is the one I wanted https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Golf-R-DSG-Estate-2016-/133597387509?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202012137055709?atmobcid=soc3
  5. Just seen your ad and it's a bit more than I've got at the moment. Also your down south Wales and I'm in Fife Scotland so it's a trek getting to you. Thanks for the offer though Cheers Sean
  6. Morning buddy. As above I currently have 20k at the moment. What kinda money would you be looking for? Cheers Sean
  7. Well that's the m3 gone and money will be in the bank on Monday. Sadly not enough but I'll go in and see if a deal can be done as when i test drove the car I noticed there was a chip on the boot and will give the car another going over tomorrow. Hopefully fingers crossed a deal can be done for the money I've got. Currently I have 20k in the bank not sure if this will buy a 7.5 or not but I'm happy to wait till the right one comes up for sale. What are people's thoughts would this be enough to buy a mk7.5 estate? Do they come up for sale private for around this price? Am I better waiting till next year before buying or a certain month. Or try my luck in December / January Cheers Sean
  8. There doesn't seem to be alot of options at the moment on the market. I'm assuming this will be down to covid and garages possibly just closing until it eases off. Same goes with private sales as it's not an ideal time to get rid. So I'm not sure if I should hold off a few months and see what comes to the market or chance my mit with the likes of vw and offer say 2k less than what the car I went to see is advertised for. It did have a small chip of paint off the back bumper which I could have fixed myself but makes an ideal haggling point for buying. Again I'm still going to try see a mk7 and see how I feel about it. I'll do more research on the likes of the gearboxes and haldex but if there's no issues with say the 7 then it does make for a better saving. As the car will be used to cart the family around and 2 dogs in the boot and used daily for work. Thanks for everyone input so far. 🤞 the guy pulls through and buys the m3 tomorrow as planned. Cheers Sean
  9. Ideally with pros and cons on them. Are there any issues with the earlier models that have been ironed out with the newer model? From what I've seen I can get a mk7 from around 15 to 16k or mk7.5 from 21k so my question is is the newer model worth the extra money? I do like the look of the new one but I've still to go see the mk7 and see what I think. Cheers Sean
  10. Morning everyone. On the lookout for a golf r estate however I can't make my mind up wether to go for a mk7 or mk7.5 I've been on the forum before when I was looking to buy roughly 4 years ago however I ended up getting a mk3 focus rs. I've recently bought an e46 m3 to run about in but the boot floors cracked and it's needing a little bit of work which I wasn't aware of but the guy that inspected it is prepared to buy it off me so I'll get my money back. So now I'm after something quick, practical and doesnt break the bank and I think the golf will tick all these boxes. I originally just planned on buying the mk7 but went to vw for a test drive in the 7.5 and loved it. Cheers Sean
  11. Think I'm gonna try for the dsg as that's what I had my heart set on. Both my previous cars were a nightmare to drive with the clutch being either on or off but they had alot of work done to them so needed a strong clutch for the power. This is what made me enjoy driving the r7 on Friday as I was able to use the car with no dramas or hassle and I really liked it. But I'm looking to buy a track car now and have a nice car for the road then a track car which I don't need to worry about for weekend fun which will have a stick.
  12. yeah i just noticed the car wow on another topic on the forum "What discounts from dealers are you getting on deals" if i had noticed this i would have put my info into that topic instead of starting a new topic. anyway now that im looking into it im starting to think myself that im not getting the greatest deal and i was getting a bit excited but now im back to thinking just take my time as i always rush into things then relies i could have got a better deal if i was patient.
  13. Was in my local dealer the other day and they have made me an offer on a golf 7R. They said the car itself with the spec would cost £35275 but they are able to pre-reg the car in the garages name and after 3 months then register it in my name. I will be the first person to drive the car though it will just come with delivery miles as it would new. The offer im getting is £4025 off which seems very good although after speaking with my friend he then told me "By pre-reg`ing it you shouldn't pay the VAT and £35k minus the VAT is under £30k" so im not to go for the deal at £31k Any thoughts would be appreciated The car itself is Pure white, 19" Petoria alloys, pan roof, discovery nav and will come with 2 years free servicing if i go Hire purchase. Thanks Sean
  14. Well ive had a manual for the day to test drive it and see how i get on and well i love it Now i need to make the decision to go for either a manual or dsg. I like to be involved while driving a car but had my heart set on the dsg as i haven't tried one before and well after driving the manual today its certainly thrown a spanner in the works.
  15. No probs was just a quick way to sort it
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