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  1. Just so you are aware, that list is not complete. Says that my nearest one is 116 miles away, when I know there is one <5 miles away from my house.
  2. A year or so ago, After hearing things about different parking locations affecting insurance I tried it on comparison sites. The same car/details but only changing the location of overnight parking. .. anyway, what I heard was true (at the time) Most expensive to least expensive was: Garage Driveway On street parking. It only varied about £30/40 but still, the wrong order you'd expect so I think youd be fine declaring it.. if its only temporary then is it needed though?
  3. Welcome! What do you mean by "should I add a waste gate straight away"? There is already one that is part of hot side of the turbo... 🤨
  4. Mine was from a seller called "K8 Store" although they all look like the same one, black anodised with a green O-ring.
  5. I bought one from alli express. Not fitted it yet though. My findings: I have access to an x ray machine so have checked for defects in the metal - none to report.. Looks like its been machined to a fairly good standard.. nice machine finish even if you can see slight marks from the work holding tool that was used. Cant comment on dimensions as I haven't removed the old one to compare yet. Anodised finish is a bit thin on the corners But acceptable. So basically, if it fits, its good to go!
  6. I belive so, if you go for the pro version of obd11 you can do long coding so do not even need credits, but that depends on how confident you are not to brick anything.
  7. I've got carly but for bmw not vw. I bought the app a few years for £50 one off fee (which is still honoured), you need to bear in mind that it is now £50 a year subscription. If it was subscription when I went to purchase it, I wouldnt have done as its not worth it imo. I already have the bt adaptor for carly, so would make sense to stick with it (without ongoing the subscription). I've never found carly that great tbh and will be going obd11 for the golf.
  8. Sounds like something volkswizard would say 🤣.
  9. Just a coincidence that the car in the video is for sale/reserved at his dealership?
  10. Seems normal to press in the middle going by the video. I had to press several times in various places when it was frozen.. nearly had to abort the fill up!
  11. Mine did the same last time I filled the car but it was freezing weather. I put it down to the ice jamming it. Haven't filled up since December but you've prompted me to try it again when I finish work... ive only filled the car 3 or 4 times since I bought it in October so can't say for sure if it always happens or not. Ill come back with the results!
  12. At points in the video he seems to be gutted to admit that there are aspects that are better than his tcr. He says he will skip talking about the power whilst at the same time, the power aspect is featured in the title of the video. I did have to replay one bit.. did I just hear that? Yes, I did! " An oil catch can lowers the octane which is good! " 🤣
  13. Is that amaro brown interior I spy? Very nice 👌 . Any plans for some comp pack wheels?
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