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  1. I was thinking about doing the airbox mod to my golf and wanted some opinions on the modifications. 1. If i was to open the RHD duct on the right hand side, surely it will still be difficult for water and debris to enter the turbo due to the design of the intake? From what i seen air flows to the bottom of the airbox, passed upwards to through the air filter then enters intake hose. in addition there is a drain plug at the base of the airbox so any water will drain out? 2. Eventuri mentioned that from their CFD simulations, a single duct intake may be superior to a double duct setup as there is less turbulent airflow. Perhaps it would be better to separate the air flow from both duct? leave left side as it is and allow air to enter the engine bay as normal. Place a small barrier in the inlet panel to prevent cross stream of air and open right hand side for airflow to the intake? To provide more air flow to right hand side duct, can cut a hold in the front grill and utilise the opening below as air going through that opening is also being blocked from entering the engine bay. That opening is protected as it is covered when the bonnet is closed.
  2. This car is currently on BCA Website for Β£22,750 plus buyer premium (~Β£23,300). Listed as an import and is a DSG with 19k apparently on the clock. The previous owner must have traded the car through we buy any car to have ended up in BCA.
  3. Looks like VW had multiple people designing different aspect of the car exterior. The front consist of curves and bulges while the rear has sharper lines and is a lot more angular. In my opinion the front does not suit the rest of the car.
  4. Went past my local VW dealership today and seen one in the showroom, wasn't that impressed by it. Exterior was better to look at in person compared to pictures, but still nowhere as nice as the mk7.5 (they had quite a few outside the showroom including a grey TCR 😍). The interior was a slight let down from what i expected, VW really went for a minimalistic look. interior felt a bit empty and plain without all the buttons we are used to, the ambient lighting was nice but other than that dont see much going for it. In hindsight i did see a Golf 8 Life and Style, which i was told was their two lowest level specs. Honestly I think VW went a step back compared to the mk7 and mk7.5. The screens were a lot more colourful and functional than those on the mk7/mk7.5 but i much prefer the cabin of the mk7.5. The climate buttons were slightly frustrating to use as they were touch and i felt like the whole system had a delay in the response.
  5. Congratulations! I wonder how many 20 reg mk7.5 R would grace our roads.
  6. The plough would grow on you over time πŸ˜…. I though it was a bit OTT at the time, but when i look at images of the car without the diffuser i felt as though something was missing. It's a shame there aren't many (or any?) other options for a rear diffuser on a stock 7.5 bumper. I know other options include oettinger or aspec etc but they also require a new bumper which probably would put most people (including me) off.
  7. I know where you are coming from, i am currently toying with the idea of a genuine oettinger spoiler to tie in the rear with the rest of the vehicle. Knowing me that probably won't be enough and i would also want the spoiler extensions as well. Can not justify ~£600 for a genuine colour coded spoiler with extension 😫. I have tried an oettinger style spoiler and it does make the rear of the R look better imo, but they are larger than the original ones. The car is currently without a spoiler as i would want something that looks oem plus but also suit the rest of the kit.
  8. Other cosmetic mods which may not be to everyone taste, side skirts and MAXTON rear diffuser. Had the MAXTON rear side spats as well, but unfortunately lost the right one before installing them πŸ™. Planning on also wrapping a silver strip along the side skirts when the weather improves.
  9. Installed a MAXTON front splitter (V2) yesterday. Quite chuffed with the way it turned out 😁. Did require removing the front bumper to install and about 4 litres of washer fluid πŸ™„which was a PITA, but well worth it.
  10. Hi all, I recently purchased an X-parts Performance Intake hose from amazon and i was quite surprised with what turned up. This is a one piece silicon hose designed to replace both the intake hose and turbo elbow, similar to a TT or Forge pipe. Naturally i thought it would do the same job and if it was cheaper (~Β£145) why not just go with it? After observing the product, i can see why it was relatively cheap. The machined aluminum coupler/ bell mouth which connects to the turbo was quite poorly constructed with metal debris hanging off it. The debris was so weak that it broke off as soon as i touched it . Imagine the pipe being on the car, that price breaks off and enters the turbo . in addition i noticed that the machined aspect was not perfectly circular thus the fitment may be quite poor. Message here is don't compromise on engine parts quality, regardless of price!!!
  11. Might be worth checking channel Leutchte16BLK again. From memory i think this is the channel that controls what the tail lights do, when pushing the indicator stalk down. Mostly likely the wrong adaptation has been selected, as the adaptation names are very similar. i would check if Blinken links Dunkelphase have been selected instead of a similarly worded adaptation.
  12. Found them online, these are the seats from a Golf GT mk6. The Golf Gt mk5 (leather version) also have the same seats.
  13. They won't be Audi a3 seats as they don't generally have a rear armrest in the middle. i would say they look most like VW which do come with the arm rest and i think the production is 2008 which would be in line with them being golf mk5 seats.
  14. The car looks amazing, especially the smoked diamond cut alloys .
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