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  1. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/motor-shows-geneva-motor-show/new-volkswagen-golf-eighth-generation-hatch-spied-undisguised New spy shots of the MK8 Golf. Doesn't look that dissimilar to the current shape golf? Front looks a bit soft and a step back from the mk7 in my opinion. Other than that, the overall shape is not too bad. personally i think the mk7 shape is just right and the mk8 nose look a bit too long. What do you guys make of it?
  2. Not sure if this is a related issue but in my car the heater blows hot air fine but when turning around a corner, or roundabout for example, cold air blows out for the duration of the turn. This is on a 7.5R btw. Anyone else experienced this?
  3. I also made the mistake of placing my jacket, with keys in pocket, in the boot. It locked me out as well instantly. On the plus side i was only a few miles away from home. A feature i discovered recently is if you are playing music from media, you can change tracks by swiping your finger on the screen to the right or left rather than trying to tap next or back 😅.
  4. The Brake disc and pads are the same. Difference with the performance brakes compared to OEM standard brake setup is, performance brakes discs are drilled, a kilo lighter (per disc) and the disc bells are made from a different alloy (so doesn't rust like stock OEM). I believe the performance brake pad are made from a different compound and should give more bite compared to stock. I just did the upgrade on my R, and personally i feel the car is better in the corners and feel slightly more nimble? In hindsight i did also change the tyres from Continental 5Ps to MPS4S 😆. Here is the new setup.
  5. Those alloys look great 👍. Are they 19" inches?
  6. What a coincidence 😅. I am also a H Latif and i bought my 2018 golf R in May. i was going to go with DPB, but decided on Indium Grey in the end. This is my Golf R, enjoy 😆.
  7. These are the videos i used when installing mines.
  8. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Kibowear-for-Golf-MK7-GTI-7-Dynamic-LED-Side-Mirror-Light-Turn-Signal-Indicator-fit-VW/32861211340.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.b5094c4dX4h3Oz Here is a link to the ones i ordered, at the time they were £55ish. They were straight forward to fit, the most difficult part was to make sure you don't crack the original indicators when removing them and making sure the screws do not fall into the mirror housing itself.
  9. I have also noticed squeaking coming from my rear left window on my 5dr hatchback. Very irritating and has been more noticeable when it is cold and dry.
  10. You will get another setting in the car lighting menu known as background lighting where you would be able to scroll through the colours.
  11. Yep, so this is the code i used. These instructions are from another forum but i'm not sure where the origin of the coding has come from. i did this exactly then rebooted the infotainment system and it worked. Below are 10 example RGB codes along with the coding required.
  12. I have had this experience before with the dealers damaging my brand new car bumper. As you made the service manager aware already and there is video evidence there is pressure on them to rectify the issue, if walk around video was after work. Normally they do a visual inspection to highlight existing vehicle damage, so they should know what new damage was caused after car was taken in for service. Walk around done first thing or after work was done? If before then will be hard to prove the dealer caused it. If after then you may have a chance of them sorting the issue out. best to see if in the video there was any other vehicle on the right of it which may have potentially caused the ding and see if its plausible that that vehicle door may have caused the ding. in my experience they will sort it out if its a minor issue and they have a bodyshop on site or nearby, as it is less hassle.
  13. Mines most likely was also from an R-line as well. I assume your kit fits onto the black lower centre grille with straight slats, which is why it wasn't compatible with the customer front bumper?
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