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  1. I think about every R owner has this issue. My one curled up, bought a new one and that also curled up in the exact same way. This was in the space of less than 2 years. I believe its the heat from the turbo which causes it to shrink.
  2. No wires to be cut. I like to have a clean and reversible installation so to install the module i repinned some wires instead of splicing or cutting them. Factory wires would be repinned into the module connectors and the module wires into the factory connector. On the wheel itself, it used to be soldering wires to the existing multifuction buttons to provide a power source and ground but now its plug and play.
  3. Just seen this message. I actually have my wheel set up oem style with just the buttons at the moment. I now provide a service for these modifications. To get the set up you are asking for, a module is connected to the existing start/stop and drive select button which communicates wirelessly to the buttons on the steering wheel.
  4. @Badger Congratulations on your new car! Personally i am bias towards indium grey πŸ˜…. I have oem 19 inch pretoria and forge spacers F11mm & R16mm (i believe?) on mines. The car is currently on stock springs. Hopefully these pics serve as inspiration to you and give you an idea of how much the spacers push out the wheels πŸ‘. The spacer also gives the illusion of the car being lowered due to being closer to the wheel arch.
  5. One comment i have got a few times was, is there even a spoiler on there? πŸ˜… The genuine oettinger spoiler is a lot less prominent and lower than the aftermarket Variant. It intergrates quite well into the R styling and looks very OEM.
  6. I notices this aswell, but they seemed to quieten over time. I think the phone microphone was overly sensitive as in real life they are now as loud as the normal steering wheel button.
  7. Yes, you can get the buttons separately and attach them to your existing wheel πŸ‘.
  8. I purchased the steering wheel from OHC Motors. The buttons were sourced separately and grafted onto my existing steering wheel trim.
  9. I installed the spoiler yesterday, and currently giving the adhesive 24hrs to completely cure. Here are some pics from yesterdays installation. i will upload more tonight πŸ‘. I have also attached an image of another Indium grey Golf R with an oettinger spoiler.
  10. In the last two weeks, changed the steering wheel, did a res delete and got an oettinger spoiler ready for installation 😁.
  11. The changes are all physical. I wired the LEDs and the extra buttons on the wheels to the existing wheel buttons. There is also a receiver connected to the OEM start stop and drive mode button. πŸ‘
  12. Hi all, Hope you are keeping well in these times. With the current situation i found i have more time on my hand so, like many of us i started doing modifcations to my car again πŸ˜…. I wanted to show you guys something to brighten your evening! Here is my new LED Steering wheel with the R8 Style buttons. Fully function and what a change to the driving experience!! One of my main gripes with the R was the position of the drive select buttons. It was essentially an afterthought for RHD cars and to keep cost low they kept it in the same position as the LHD cars. Not an issue
  13. Worked out a solution! I removed the upper steering rack plastic cover, just pops out. started the engine and turned the steering wheel 90 degrees clockwise and anti clockwise. This allows access to the the side screws (T20) holding the lower rack cover. There is another screw (T20) to remove below the lower rack cover. Once both covers are removed rotate steering wheel 90 degrees anticlockwise (from center) to allow maximum access to both the airbag pins and turn the car off. Pop the bonnet and disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. The lower cover would still be attach
  14. Just had a look. The lower steering rack plastic cover is one piece πŸ˜”.
  15. Hi all, I've been struggling with an issue for the last few days in my golf. Long story short i am looking to remove the steering wheel from the steering column. In order to do so i have to turn the steering wheel to the left and right to disconnect the airbag. My issue is i am unable to get the steering wheel to rotate when the car is off as it seems to have a mechanical and a electromagetic lock on the steering rack. With ignition on the mechanical lock is release however there is still a softer lock on the steeirng wheel which only releases when the engine is on. I tried referin
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