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  1. All, For the record, I wasn't doing anywhere close to the speed limit let alone above it. On Top of this my car is driven normally 99% of the time and of that 1% where I do take it out and enjoy it, it's under circumstances where I've made sure to the best of my abilities that there are no cars around me, no pedestrians, I can see where I'm going and what's coming my way. Yes I turned a corner whilst accelerating, on an open country route where there was absolutely zero traffic, I could see the oncoming lane and there was nothing there. Yes I had ESC off so that the car doesn
  2. Indeed I do know the road well, and I was experienced enough to know what to do to correct the car, otherwise I would have ended up in the barrier. Could I foresee the rock that caused me to steer sharply however? Nope!
  3. The drive had a few twisty bends, and with ESC it's too intrusive and interferes when cornering. Every car I've had before this has been RWD, so I fifind it easier when the car allows for a little slip.
  4. I mean lets be honest, if there was no big rock in the middle of the road then none of this would have happened, I would have simply accelerated through and this thread would never have been posted 😁 Blame it on the rock if you ask me
  5. So picture this, you're on a country road, race mode, ESC off, you come to a mini roundabout, you turn left at the roundabout and floor it round the bend (I know the road well) as you turn into the bend and straighten the car (still full throttle), you immediately have to sharp steer to the left because you notice a massive rock on the road. As you do this the car detects a loss of traction and sends power to the rear, but what the car doesn't know is that you now have to sharp steer to the right to avoid hitting the barriers on the left. In the process of this, the car, temporarily oversteers
  6. Can I just say.....I love how this thread started about a parking brake failure, and now it has turned into food 🤣
  7. Mine does not do this? It only automatically puts the handbrake on if the car is in drive or reverse and you open the door.
  8. LOL looks like we had the exact same thing happen. Parking brake and auto hold are working fine so looks like an error as you said!
  9. wait what, i have to flick mine on when I put the car in park
  10. Super weird thing happened today, got home from a long drive, parked the car up, flicked the parking brake on and turned the car off. Then I had a parking brake failure warning light with it also saying auto hold not available. Noticed the handle from my coffee mug had been resting on the auto hold button so I turned the car back on, warning light still showing, turned the parking brake off and rolled the car forward, then put it in park, parking brake on and turned it off. Turned it on again and the warning light had gone. I read something on another post where the a
  11. Anyone have any experience with them? Got my R booked in for it's 3rd service next week, usually used Citygate West London as they see a lot more Golf R's than any other branch but they had no courtesy cars available and Twickenham was the only one who had availability!
  12. So twice now in the last 7 days I've turned my R off (the second was after a spirited drive) and the car made this sound which I can only describe as water being poured down a drain? First time I thought nothing of it, but second time was today so I popped open the bonnet, thinking that I could have a coolant leak, the coolant level seemed ok, but noticed the below white droplets. What do you all suspect these liquid marks could be? Coolant leak or rain/wet road splash marks? Coolant level
  13. i’d actually prefer an indy, got a good one near me who replaced my brake pads, I’d go to them for everything but my car has its upcoming service as part of the service plan so kind of dont have much of a choice really!
  14. warranty expired last year (car is 17 plate) so will defo get it done at 10k miles
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