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  1. You could either do that or do what I do which is turn the car on every 2/3 days and either blast it round the block to recharge or just leave it stationary whilst holding the rpm above 1500. I have the data plug so i can see the voltage, normally when I turn it on after 2/3 days it’s on 11.6v, whilst running it’s between 14.6-14.8
  2. Where did you get the car services? How can they mess up like this, might aswell give you a brand new replacement car
  3. Just looking at these potholes gives me anxiety. I was driving once on the b467 in ickenham, it's sort of like a country road if you haven't been on it already, I was driving at night and went over what I can only describe as the worst pothole I've ever seen, it was absolutely massive, mind you I was doing 40 so the impact was an absolutely massive BANG. Shat myself immediately after and thought right OK that's my alloy gone. Thankfully no damage but honestly, worst pothole on earth
  4. Just realised Haldex service is a separate service, I'll get this done at a VW specialist. The remaining service I'll get done at the stealers
  5. My 2017 R (DSG) is coming up to 3 years in June this year, currently 16k on the clock, it had first service at 11k (oil) so will be due for another service in June this year. My question is what do I need to service in particular? From my understanding, after 3 years and about 18k miles (what I expect to have covered by June 2020), the below needs servicing: Engine Oil Haldex service (does this need changing after 3 years or 30k miles? or whichever is sooner?) Oil Filter Is there anything else that needs doing? Or anything in the above that DOES NOT need doing? Appreciate any responses from more experiences R owners, have only had mine 7/8 months.
  6. I usually get some sandpaper and just wipe. Only kidding, I normally wet a soft cloth and wipe then dry with another cloth
  7. I tend to get bored very quickly but in 5 years of driving I've had the below: Bog standard lot: Hyundai Coupe Smart Car (worst car I have ever owned in my life) Vauxhall Corsa (missus managed to curb...all....four...alloys...) The good stuff: BMW M2 E-Golf (When I lived in Norway, loved this car) Nissan GT-R (tuned by Litchfield and had about 800bhp) BMW M4 Comp (stage 2, 540bhp) MK7.5 Golf R (current car and the first car I have not got bored of 🙂) Also currently have a 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo in dark green (keeping it for a while whilst the value grows)
  8. Yep, taking next week to my local VW dealership. Had no problems driving spiritedly today in worse conditions so not sure what the car is playing at, seemed absolutely fine today, my guess is on the day the traction was bad, it was just bad conditions on the road and the car has a general electrical fault which caused the ESC error to flash on the dashboard
  9. Owned the car no longer than a year, bought from a motorpoint dealership and car is within warranty, taking it to the stealers on thursday next week....have to drive a shitty polo as you said!! Weirdly though the weather today was horrendous so I thought I would see if I got the same traction issues and ESC flash as before, and I didn't infact I had loads of grip, very strange......not sure if the roads that day were very greasy and ESC light was having a fit....
  10. Owner of a 7.5R, Auto When i turn the car off, when the key is taken out of the ignition I get an 'Error Esc' message with the esc sign of the car with the skid marks. Does anyone know what causes this and if it means there is an actual problem with my Esc? It has done it about 2 or 3 times in the last month, I have not had any issues with traction or anything, but today it was slightly wet and when giving the car some power the front wheels really started to struggle for traction a bit higher up the rev range and the Esc light would flash. Could this be an issue with my haldex system? car is a 2017, 7.5R with 16000 miles, due to have first haldex service in june (3 year point) Any replies greatly appreciated.
  11. Any Golf R owners in London with an aftermarket exhaust? Preferably a milltek or remus? I am wanting to get an aftermarket exhaust on my 7.5 R but unsure which one to get so if there are any owners in London it would be nice to meet and have a listen to see which kind of exhaust I like best and therefore want to fit ! I have looked at some youtube videos and I like the deep note of the remus exhaust.
  12. Hi all Been driving lately and can't help but notice what seems to be a lack of power when accelerating? I have a 7.5 R and it just doesn't feel as quick as before, I am sure it's not a case of I've got used to the power. Was rolling along the motorway in Sport mode, 60mph in S6, put my foot all the way down to kickdown and the car dropped a few gears and then took absolutely bloody ages to even get to 70? Seems to also only happen when i put my foot all the way down, it's like the car searches for maximum power but can't find it, either that or i haven't gone high enough in speed to experience maximum power? i.e the car will really take off once it goes above 100mph or something? Anyone have any similar issues at any time?
  13. Mate i agree with you. Ignore what i said, been a long and stressful last 48 hours, heads all over the gaff!!
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