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  1. The VWR intake went on this morning. 70 miles burned a 1/4 tank of playtime. The car still has a really sweet disposition, but a bit more effortless now. The mod has been really nice so far. Stage 1 comes Wednesday. Thanks for all the replies.
  2. I just picked up a 2013 R and I had budgeted for a chip and intake, but I'm really thinking about just leaving it stock. My VWR intake comes tomorrow, my APR appointment is set for next week, but I'm thinking about returning the intake and enjoying the car OEM. Is the 300 hp worth the potential hassle of tuning weirdness?
  3. Thank you! I need to learn turbo...I will though.
  4. Hello All, I just joined the club with the purchase of a 2013 4 door, graphite, Nav model. Appears to be all stock. Snow tires go on today. My last car was a mostly stock 2007 Honda Element 4WD LX Manual, before that a modded 99.5 A4 2.8 Manual, before that a lightly modded 99.5 Golf GL Manual. So far, the Golf R gives me all the best parts from two of my favorite cars, the A4 and the Golf. I have a natural tendency towards mods, so I was thinking a VWR intake and APR chip in short order, but I'm loving the car so much stock, I think I'll wait a little while and get to know the Golf R as is. There is a greater than zero probability that I keep it all OEM. Thanks for any thoughts and advice on finding: Used intake with OK trim numbers? Any other chips that must be looking into? Where to find VAG-COM gear for MacOS or iOS? Where to find digital Factory Service Manuals? Where to find the latest ETKA? (did those 3 things just spell, "get a PC"?) Should I add a wastegate right away? Is a HPFP more important than an intake? Are uplink upgrades still a thing that matters? What is the function of a fuel cam follower? Anyone near WI wanting to return to stock? Nice to meet you all. Amos
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