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  1. Paulwesty8


    My R has 33.000 on clock, clutch all good.
  2. Paulwesty8

    GTI / GTI PP / R

    I have had my manual 7R for two years and have covered 28000 mile not one issue so far. I previously had a Audi with a dsg box which was great when new but after a few years became very jerky at low revs. In the end it needed a new Mechatronics unit. When I changed to the R I purposely went for manual as I was bored of driving a dsg car even though I had read about the so called toffee made clutch in the R. But after 28000 miles I am pleased with my decision as I have experienced no clutch slip at all.
  3. Paulwesty8

    Tyre life

    Seems very fashionable to slate Bridgestones tyres on other threads. My experience of them is after 15000 miles is that they wear very well.
  4. Paulwesty8

    Surprisingly good economy if you go gently!

    The only oil burner I own is my T5 Sportline.
  5. Paulwesty8

    Surprisingly good economy if you go gently!

    It was a heavy traffic day on M1/A1 thought I would give eco a go.