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  1. could be a whole host of factors who did the mapping? where was it dyno'd and what were the conditions - possible heat soak on the dyno? APR list the output for stage 2 gti between 320 and 335 so your figures are probably pretty reasonable without seeing the dyno graph and supporting info such as boost pressure, timing etc, its not that easy to tell
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    May 15 3 door manual Lapiz Blue Golf R for sale. 28k miles, 1 previous owner (VW), I have owned the car since May 2017 Full VW main dealer service history. Recent (May) major service including replacement of all applicable items, air filter, pollen filter, plugs, oil and filter etc, brake fluid replaced last year. Haldex pump replaced last year under warranty. MOT'd through to May 20 with no advisories. Service package including minor service and MOT included for next May. Excellent conditional, alloys unmarked with uniroyal rainsport 3 tyres with 6.5 to 7mm of tread all round. Happy to take any additional pictures or answer any queries I have placed the car under VW warranty (all components) which cost £277 for the year. I don't believe this is transferrable but gives an idea as to what a warranty, if wanted, with the dealer would cost. Cheers Doug


    Aberdeen - GB

  3. no worries, cheers Dave, just like having a nosey
  4. anyone got any dyno graphs from their own car of the new stage 2 software?
  5. personally I think they look chavtastic, great idea if you just want to park the car as some folk might think they look ok, however on the move the ride will be simply awful. I would stick with the compromise of look and ride comfort , defined by wheel and tyre size, that highly skilled engineers at vw would have spent hours and thousands of £s finalising
  6. Perfect combination, just the right amount of doors lol
  7. Very strange response from the dealer that, the fact they are saying they don't want to repair it would suggest they are aware of an expensive issue. If you attempt to resolve it yourself sounds like they would then wash their hands of it. I am assuming its an independent garage and not the main dealer Personally if it was me I would take the money and go and find another example, there are loads out there, just make sure you take the next purchase for a decent test drive
  8. definitely not normal behaviour, I am assuming it only does it under hard acceleration which would initially point to the turbo bearings, relatively simple check would be to take the inlet hose off the turbo inlet and check for play in the shaft by seeing if there is any movement when spinning the compressor wheel I would definitely have this checked sooner rather than later in case it is the turbo as you don't want it going and potentially damaging anything else, good luck
  9. the above post is your answer if you change your mind about modding, I would stick with vw as the cost is pretty reasonable, mine was £277 for the year with £100 excess and they replaced the haldex pump which went without any hassle. I have just had this years renewal quote in and its the same as last years so pretty reasonable
  10. is initial spool up and low down torque adversely effected by the new hardware which is now on these cars Rick? or is it negligible?
  11. i hope it doesn't drive like the torque curve on the dyno as frankly that looks awful, joking aside have a look at other graphs, they are largely flat as they should be, that looks as if it that's ages to hit peak torque then just falls off hopefully just a problem with the way they have set the run up but if that the case then the figures should be taken with a prince of salt as well i would be looking for a second dyno run to confirm figures
  12. I would stick with 8inch width as the tyres will be less stretched and should offer a bit more sidewall protection to avoid the potential for curbing them
  13. sounds like it could just be downright dangerous, if you are completing an overtaking manoeuvre and the system decides to slow you down then you need to press the accelerator hard down again meaning that you need to start accelerating again when you can just be pulling in at a constant speed its just another step to totally automated driving, soon not going to be any point in owning a performance car and while that will satisfy the over zealous safety brigade it will also lead to a dramatic sales slump in performance cars and the knock on economic effect that will have
  14. Interesting info on the third party stuff having been in the unfortunate position of having to claim after being in an accident years ago with an old car which I had modified extensively, all I can say is I am pleased I had declared all mods as it's one of the first things they asked
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