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  1. dougaberdeen

    WLTP R Torque

    Obviously a misprint as power is the same as torque at 5250rpm so can't be right the torque figures quoted are for the rs3
  2. dougaberdeen

    Golf R 2019 WLTP - Particulate filter details

    makes me glad I just have the normal engine although irritating for the future where all engines will be subject to these draconian changes
  3. dougaberdeen

    18"s VS 19"S

    for info, effect of going from 35 to 40 sidewall on 19 inch wheels is a 3.9% under read on the speedo, not huge but worth considering, useful link below for easy calculation of effects of different tyre sizes http://www.autopartuk.com/tyre-calculator/
  4. dougaberdeen

    18"s VS 19"S

    Just be aware that going from a 35 to a 40 profile will alter the gearing slightly by making it longer and may lead to the speedo under reading
  5. dougaberdeen

    Ultimate Green Focus RS

    Great car with a very charismatic engine and really good handling, I test drove a couple when I had my st, great thing about them is that they should be fairly depreciation proof as well hope you enjoy it
  6. dougaberdeen

    Golf R 2019 WLTP - Particulate filter details

    will be interesting to see what the tuners solutions to this are as a lot of folk won't want to be swapping out exhausts comes mot time and essentially having an illegal car the rest of the time given that the cat is the most restrictive part of the exhaust on these cars I don't doubt there will be a fortune to be made by the tuner that comes up with a less restrictive but road legal solution to this in the same way as sports cats
  7. dougaberdeen

    What would you buy

    what level of practicality do you require? personally I would buy a couple of cars, each one a year or 2 old so someone else has had the fun of enjoying the massive initial hit of depreciation I would have an almost new mx5 for tootling about in decent weather and for performance something like a tt rs, 911 turbo or if you need more space there are a plethora of performance saloons, amgs, rs3, rs4, m3 saloons, m5's etc very personal choice though and hugely dependant on whether your preference is for rear wheel drive, awd, handling characteristics, etc
  8. dougaberdeen

    5 cylinder r testing

    Fair play to you, however i think I would want something a little more luxurious at that price point and I would be very concerned about resale value at that high a starting point, however that is of course dependent to a large extent on personal financial circumstances i would take the below viewpoint with a 40k golf lol
  9. dougaberdeen

    5 cylinder r testing

    that's roughly £32.5k though not £40k, would you be willing to pay $51k for a golf?
  10. dougaberdeen

    Second hand prices.

    good luck, I put mine up for £19k a few months ago, 15 plate 3 door manual lapiz car with only 20k on the clock and only had a couple of enquiries, none serious albeit mine doesn't have the spec yours does, I think some of the prices are ambitious out there also bear in mind at this price point a lot of folk are looking to have a years warranty although yours does have factory warranty left on it and again at this price point folk may also want the comfort of buying from a dealer that will allow them to arrange finance personally I have just decided to keep mine for another couple of years where is will have dropped to a price point which is more realistic for the private buyer and hopefully vw wont make any more manuals thereby potentially making it more desirable
  11. dougaberdeen

    Akrapovic Sounds Kind of Crap?

    along with carbon fibre wing mirror covers this exhaust is most definitely the biggest waste of money ever, no noticeable performance difference and all this nonsense about being made out of titanium, so what, its underneath the car, you don't even see it save for the exhaust tips, I am sure the craftsmanship is exemplary but I haven't heard of any standard exhausts falling to bits so just cant see any benefits to this at all save for a different exhaust note but each to their own
  12. dougaberdeen

    Golf R engine info

    Maybe a repost but some interesting reading on the engine http://australiancar.reviews/GolfR-Mk7_CJXC-CJXB_Engine.php
  13. dougaberdeen

    VW Golf Mk 7 Workshop Manual

    love the technical description of the noises 'whining' - presumably when the wife's in the car 'boom boom' - when the girlfriends in the car 'pop pop' - to much curry the night before? other highlights include 'grunting', 'bubbling', 'clip clip', 'clack clack', 'mooing' & 'uncommon' brilliant
  14. see above, just edited post as found the info, its called APR plus, would love that in the UK
  15. For the mk2 Focus's, neither the MR375 (RS) nor the MR290 or MR 310 (ST) were warranty friendly for the Ford, only the MP260 for the ST and MP350 for the RS were warranty friendly There is no way VW would offer a warranty friendly package for the R for 350bhp or above as it starts to encroach on the audi RS performance and it will most certainly effect reliability, by sticking with circa 300bhp all the current components (apart from the manual clutch and the odd early turbo) are well within their comfort zone, exactly as they should be (from a manufacturers perspective) to allow for hopefully many thousands of miles of trouble free use and far less warranty claims and associated negative press I would love to see performance packages available, as being suggested above, that are warranty friendly but there is no way it will happen, at least not to the extent being talked about Having said that if you live in America you can get the below, with an APR warranty @SIMK7.5 https://www.goaprplus.com/#golf_r