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  1. Interesting info on the third party stuff having been in the unfortunate position of having to claim after being in an accident years ago with an old car which I had modified extensively, all I can say is I am pleased I had declared all mods as it's one of the first things they asked
  2. I would be surprised if that is that definitely true - surely the contract the driver and insurance company have entered in to would be null and void completely , third party element as well as the insured vehicle, as the insurance company could claim the policy issued is completely invalid as they have insured the driver under false pretences due to false declarations by the driver. Breaking the law by being drunk etc behind the wheel is totally different from lying to the insurance company as the cover for the drunk driver is based on factually correct information therefore as you say they have to pay up. Cover for the driver who hasn't declared modifications has led however to the issue of a certificate of insurance based on false information and will therefore surely be invalid. Not trying to be argumentative but genuinely curious as to where you got that information from
  3. will this not make the car illegal however removing the ppf? you would be as well just having a decat surely, as while the sports cats may flow almost as well as the decat they would still be illegal for a road car in the absence of the ppf
  4. No worries, will do that for you or alternatively you could direct your anger towards the dealer, not me, as my comment wasn't personally aimed at you
  5. Cheers, will give it a watch, love programmes like this where they get their hands dirty
  6. I don't really get this wash argument, maybe I am alone in this but surely a very expensive polish/paint protection treatment should be able to survive someone washing the car with a sponge and water? otherwise is this expensive polish not just an expensive con?
  7. What channel is this on chaps? I used to love wheeler dealers
  8. wouldn't say its to old, I added an extra 100+ hp to a focus st when it was about 8 years old with about 50k on the clock and it ran fine for another 20k miles before I sold it and its still running fine as the new owner stays not far from me (this did include however fitting a hybrid turbo and new clutch along with all supporting modifications) as noted above, definitely worth having all the fluids changed before doing anything as with any tuning, if you do have parts which are wearing out (which you may or may not be aware of) the extra power will quicken their demise but that is part of the risk of tuning one thing worth doing if you do go down the tuning route is more regular servicing and only using the highest quality oils a lot will also depend on your driving style also, if you start driving the car a lot harder because its been tuned that will lead to increased wear
  9. 60 to 100 for me is a better measure of power as it doesn't so much rely on traction or ability to get the car off the line
  10. Re the warranty, what may effect the warranty is something that vw could argue increases performance and therefore places increased stress on components however slight I would suggest that they could argue a sports cat would fall under that category as it's freer flowing and should allow the turbo to spool quicker due to decreased back pressure and may cause occasional over boost, whereas a res delete will have no impact on performance I would say that the above advice is obviously just my opinion which may be completely wrong lol but in the event of any failure vw would use any excuse to get out of paying for any repairs
  11. Just be aware if you do fit a sports cat you might well invalidate the warranty, unless you want to go through the hassle of removing it come servicing time
  12. good point, personally I think it was a bizarre decision to make that engine so complex considering the model it went in to For the R however as its the flagship model it may make more sense I wont pretend to know about the capabilities of the big end bearings on these engines but the engine blocks do seem to be very strong and may be able to withstand high torque at low revs with suitably uprated bearings and it would make the engine even nicer to drive didn't realise Mercedes have already introduced this technology, definitely something to have a read up on, on tea break
  13. The best part of any hybrid would be the electric compressor wheel on the turbo if they went down that route, that would be an interesting development as it would allow for a larger compressor wheel to be used as it can be spun up with virtually no lag potentially very interesting when tuners get their hands on it if they can crack the technology, much more torque from very low revs
  14. each to their own but this fad for carbon fibre on cars is the biggest automotive rip off ever
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