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  1. you will need to pressure the intake system to find a boost leak, trying to find it with the engine running when stationary won't work as the turbo won't be pressuring the system as it's not under load You can check all the connections but if it's just a tiny leak and not effecting performance then it's unlikely you will find anything. To pressurise the system you will need to cap it off and use something to pressurise it, most likely an air compressor. Filling the system with smoke, using a smoke pellet or similar, is then the best bet for identifying where any leak is coming from. In short, unless you have the right equipment, it's not a simple thing to look for. i would take it back to the garage that did the tune and ask them to have a quick look at it and ask if what you are hearing is normal, might just be the way it now sounds with your modifications as the turbo spooling lower down the rev range sounds normal and the different exhaust may be amplifying any sounds.
  2. Had an 200 cell sports cat from bcs on a Focus st I had, no issues with mots and was excellent quality
  3. Go back and see the person that mapped it and ask them to sort it out. Never understand this, why folk spend a lot of money getting their car tuned and then if there is a problem try and sort it out themselves, it's clearly a symptom of the tuning so just go back and ask them to sort it out If they can't sort it out and identify the issue, ask them to return the car to stock, refund your money and go elsewhere as a decent tuner should be able to idenitify what the problem is and rectify it unless they are just loading a map on to the car and then sending you on your way
  4. for the relatively small extra hp, there looks to be a significant additional spool up time which on a daily driver I think would quickly become a pain, the best graphs I have seen continue to be stage 2 cars around 400bhp as they retain significant low down torque and response and will therefore be very quick in everyday driving
  5. I am only speaking from personal experience up here and knowing a few drivers of large vehicles, personally I don't get that upset about giving way to an hgv but congratulation on out accelerating him, an outstanding achievement
  6. Most lorry drivers have better driver skills and drive many more miles in varied conditions that the vast majority of car drivers. They also have to be very aware of inconsiderate driving from other drivers not giving them space or time hence an increased awareness and while there are no doubt instances of poor lorry driving which is usually highlighted by the damage that results when an accident does occur I suspect it pales into insignificance when compared to car accidents. I live in the north east of Scotland where we do occasionally get buckets of snow and u see plenty of cars having slidden off the road, I haven't however seen lots of lorries jack-knifed so I think that comment has very little basis in fact.
  7. Problem is, would it be road legal? as the older car with a sport cat is road legal, not sure with the particulate filter removed that the new one would be?
  8. Nothing wrong with that wear ratio be honest when you consider it's a reasonably heavy car with great performance, I would be happy with that level of wear
  9. I would delete your VIN from the post just for safety's sake
  10. if you are happy with the limit of what the standard turbo can produce, about 400bhp, then I would just get your own turbo rebuilt with stronger bearings and balanced thereafter Any modification to the wheels of the turbo, such as clipping the turbine wheel or fitting a larger compressor wheel will effect spool up time which may be fine if you are after bigger numbers but on a street driven car, if you like the response of the standard turbo, may become wearing after a while personally, the nicest graphs i have seen with the most useable powerbands are cars that are stage 2 tuned on standard turbos with an uprated downpipe and sports cat
  11. is the s3 not slightly lighter which would explain why its quicker
  12. could be a whole host of factors who did the mapping? where was it dyno'd and what were the conditions - possible heat soak on the dyno? APR list the output for stage 2 gti between 320 and 335 so your figures are probably pretty reasonable without seeing the dyno graph and supporting info such as boost pressure, timing etc, its not that easy to tell
  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    May 15 3 door manual Lapiz Blue Golf R for sale. 28k miles, 1 previous owner (VW), I have owned the car since May 2017 Full VW main dealer service history. Recent (May) major service including replacement of all applicable items, air filter, pollen filter, plugs, oil and filter etc, brake fluid replaced last year. Haldex pump replaced last year under warranty. MOT'd through to May 20 with no advisories. Service package including minor service and MOT included for next May. Excellent conditional, alloys unmarked with uniroyal rainsport 3 tyres with 6.5 to 7mm of tread all round. Happy to take any additional pictures or answer any queries I have placed the car under VW warranty (all components) which cost £277 for the year. I don't believe this is transferrable but gives an idea as to what a warranty, if wanted, with the dealer would cost. Cheers Doug


    Aberdeen - GB

  14. no worries, cheers Dave, just like having a nosey
  15. anyone got any dyno graphs from their own car of the new stage 2 software?
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