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  1. I found mine was temperamental if I tried to make more than 1 change at a time, so make a change, shutdown the App, restart and make next change etc. That was using a 4G connection. Some modules take ages to load over 4G. several minutes in some cases for me. Mark
  2. Welcome Mike, one of the first changes I made was change Soundaktor to 0%. If your in Romsey your just up the road from me, happy to turn it down for you. Mark
  3. Conedxf

    Newbie Alert

    Hello All, Took delivery of my brand new Golf R (Lapiz Blue) last Friday. It is as awesome as I imagined 😀 Put a specced a few options on it, DCC, Discoverer Pro, KESS, Rear camera, Business Phone, Carbon mirrors, Dynaudio I have OBDII with the Pro pack and have had a little fiddle, nothing dramatic but have managed the following direct changes Auto fan level Scandinavian DRL Exhaust valves open Chirp on lock/unlock I'm in the Hampshire area. Mark
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