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    Hey guys. Not long signed up to the site as I was lurking around while hunting down my next car. I started 2019 off by picking up a 2016 Golf R and couldn't be happier with the car. Pure White DSG 5 Door Hatchback (Cheaper insurance) 18" Cadiz The car is currently stock but I'm planning on getting a Res Delete and going Stage 1 at some point in the future for now. See you guys around.
  2. New here but not long picked up a 2016 Golf R. I found the rear wiper was total rubbish and was screeching every time it was used so went and replaced it with a Bosch instead. Going to replace the fronts as well with Bosch's also even though the fronts aren't that bad but it's nice to have a complete new set on a new car.
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