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  1. Didn’t seem like you had a good time with this mate ! Hope it all gets sorted ASAP for you ! Dvla couldn’t pick there nose , so I’m not surprised by that at all
  2. Ahh no , sorry to hear it wasn’t to good !! Yes there only a little mark met the door mate nothing else , my mates a mechanic he’s giving it a once over today as Iv not bad time fake it up so hopefully all is well
  3. Thank you mate !! Im mad up with it ! Thinking of maybe putting the ‘ Spielbergs ‘ on though ??
  4. Oh I could imagine mate 🤣 she can already shift
  5. Thank you mate ! Pictures possibly don’t do her justice , such a lovely drive too !!
  6. Haha thanks a lot mate she doesn't f..k about haha
  7. What do you guys think ! What a car 😍
  8. Sorry mate just means eco mode like in the golfs
  9. Haha thank you ! And I will Mate I get her tomorrow afternoon so il post some up see what you lot think 😁
  10. Brilliant Mate I hope your happy with her ! We’ve gone from 40 pound a week petrol to maybe 40 a day 🤣👀
  11. 🤣🤣🤣 I hope I don’t get that kind of attention mate 🤦🏽‍♂️
  12. Thank you !! Haha yes il be putting pictures up soon has she arrives 😁
  13. Of course mate ! I just meant in chat when people are mentioning cars you never hear of them !
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