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  1. Thanks Gavras, the issue is even if VW do offer a contribution, it may still be cheaper for me to source an engine and get it fitted myself. Although I would a bit more at VW as this would be a brand new engine. Car was checked that week and oil was fine. Nope, no track days, why do you ask? Thanks, I'll take a look. Good advice, I'll use this, thanks! Thanks Gavras, I'll push for full comp initially. The car is three months out of warranty Really? Do they know it's mapped?
  2. Thanks, I'll give them a try. The block has a hole in the front of it, looks like a rod has tried to leave the block. Thanks for your advice, I think it's definitely worth approaching VW first. I asked them to check if it was mapped, they said they had checked and said it wasn't mapped. Whether the map was removed prior to sale I'm not sure. I'm already in contact with Volkswagen UK. I think the next step is dropping it off to my local dealer. You would think that but the oil was checked less than a week before this happened. I'm not blaming the remap at all but I think whether the remap was to blame or not, VW should be helping me out. I'll let you all know how I get on Thanks
  3. Thanks, I'll give them a try The block has a hole in the front of it, it'll be cheaper to drop a new engine in than try and repair this one Thanks, I'll give them a try As said above, the block has a hole in it so no chance of repair. I think the best idea is to drop a new engine in and then sell any bits I can off the old lump.
  4. I have proof with a time stamp yes
  5. Apart from eBay can anyone recommend somewhere to source a MK7 Golf R (CJX) engine please? Ideally I want to find one still in the vehicle so I can hear it running and also turn the ignition on to validate the mileage. I've tried some breakers websites I've found on google but I thought someone on here may know somewhere else to try? Thanks, Tom
  6. Hi all, Unfortunately the engine on my lovely Lapiz blue R on Wednesday night and I'm after some advice on how to go forward with it please. I bought the car second hand from a Volkswagen dealership with 14,000 miles on the clock. Whilst speaking to the dealership I asked them to check if they had any record of it previously being remapped as I know so many of these cars are remapped and I didn't want to buy a car with a dodgy remap or an invalid engine warranty. The dealership checked for me and confirmed it hadn't been mapped. Twelve months later the engine has gone bang, I then decide to do some more research into the car and find out it was in fact previously remapped by APR but then removed before the car was sold to the dealership I bought it from. The car is out of warranty now by three months but due to the full VW service history and low mileage I thought it was worth trying to speak to VW and seeing if they would either replace the engine for me or at least give a generous goodwill gesture towards it. What are my chances of this? Taking into consideration that I was potentially misinformed regarding the remap on the car. Plan B is to try and source an engine and get it fitted myself. Even if VW did offer a goodwill gesture this still may be the cheaper option. A new engine from TPS is £5500+VAT. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Tom
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