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  1. Yes mate, I had a revo stage 1, turbo elbow, turbo hose, panel filter, blanking plate and snow grate removal done. The power increase is crazy, feels like a different car.
  2. Thanks mate, really helpful. Im not to fussed about the induction noise, would rather spend the money on a decent exhaust system. Are you using racinglines elbow, hoses and panel filter then?
  3. Hi, My gpf equipped Golf R Is booked in for a Revo Stage 1 in a few weeks and I was going to get the Racingline R600 induction package with, turbo elbow, intake hose and turbo muffler delete fitted at the same time. Is their much benefit in getting this package with just the stage 1? If not I'll put the money towards a Catback system. Thanks
  4. Very true, I've been reading that golf R's have common issues with the water pump and thermostat, which is why I'm sat on the fence with a map. Running potentially another 70bhp is going to cause more heating issues surely? Wasn't sure if vw had managed to fix these issues yet lol. I spoke to a guy at Progressive parts in Manchester and they're pretty confident that they're bullet proof. Said they check over everything, to make sure its all running 100%before attempting a map.
  5. Has anyone had a stage 1 map fitted to the 2019 gpf fitted Golf Rs? If you so, have you had any problems etc? Asking as im tempted to get a stage 1 revo map. Thanks
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