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  1. Cool just thought I'd check. Just heard a lot about the clutches being a bit weak and wearing rapidly.
  2. Yeah it had really poorly restored monza diamond cut originals on it when I bought it. The diamond cut was painted over silver! So I sold them and got these reps. Always loved the prets. Got 19" blacks on my R they're my favourite alloy from VW.
  3. Hi all, Hooked up my VCDS to the R today to make some tweaks. Came up with a fault code as follows: Address 02: Auto Trans (J743) Labels: 0D9-927-770.clb Part No SW: 0D9 300 012 HW: 02E 927 770 AQ Component: DQ250-6A MQB H53 4938 Revision: 06253104 Serial number: TFK01603291756 Coding: 0014 Shop #: WSC 01357 011 00200 ASAM Dataset: EV_TCMDQ250021 001001 ROD: EV_TCMDQ250021.rod VCID: 53F280B24B73D7A3621-8006 2 Faults Found: 21177 - Clutch 1 P177B 00 [011] - Tolerance Limit Reached C
  4. My other pride and joys All my own work. Full restoration about 7 years ago. Little ongoing project I've been fettling with for about 11 years. My MK6 Golf GTi. Largely my other half's car now but I still love driving it. Totally night and day rive to the R. So much dun and a nice clean example.
  5. I've ordered one of these kits. Great reviews around and the lack of spacers is a huge plus. To everyone that has replied to this, again, thank you. I get everyone's opinion and view on this. The simple fact is that yes, I can replace pads, fluid and even lines to improve things and I'm sure it would. I have P Zero's all round and again I agree tires can play their part but going from a car with massive brakes to a car with much smaller discs and calipers will result in what feels like a lack of braking power. The brakes are great for general use but when I tried to stop from a hi
  6. Really useful Damian thanks a lot for that info. And totally agree they have no concern about the actual fitment in the real world. More research to be done then.
  7. Thanks Damian, so you don't need spacers with this kit? I really don't want to have to space the wheels. And I assume if you did have to space them you have to space the rears too to match the new offset just from a visual perspective?
  8. Yeah I don't track my car but breaking is a big thing for me just on the roads. I simply find the R does not stop how I feel it should. That might be worn pads (no warning lights) or fluid being old or any one of the usual suspects. I simply want to feel stopping power like the AMG had which gives you confidence that you can stop safely and quickly. I plan to up the power a bit on this too so want to know I will not have a weak link here.
  9. Thanks everyone I really appreciate all the comments and links. I'll be digging into this over the next few weeks. Wee parting shot of the R . I've since blacked out the tail pipes cos the chrome was so tarnished. I think they look better in black anyway.
  10. Hi all, new to the forum. Long time VW driver though. I've just part exchanged my A45 AMG for a MK7 2016 Golf R. Night and day driving. AMG was a monster but just terrible around town and in general. The R is just superb! I have a 2012 Golf GTi too and I was driving that more than the AMG in the end cos it was just way more fun to drive. So the only thing I want to change on the R (aside from a new sway bar and a stage 1 tune) is the brakes. The AMG had amazing stopping power from the huge front calipers. I'm finding the R doesn't have it when it comes to stopping. I've looked at
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