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  1. Wow, Tom - great looking car and a real stand out colour. Can i ask - did your roof rails come as standard in black or did you have to specify/order as an accessory? I know you can get the wing mirror covers changed to black (which i see you have also). Rgds J
  2. Rebecca - many thanks both for the welcome and the upload tips. Currently on road trip in France and really enjoying the new R estate but already thinking about what i want to do to it..
  3. Have been trying to upload a picture of the car but struggling! Have had the car for 2 weeks and really like it so far. Have a history of “performance” estates (SAAB 9-5 Hirsch, Volvo Polestar, RS4) so curious how i am going to find the Golf longer term. Wanting to do some tuning (probalby ABT upgrade) and also change some exterior parts (swap silver for black roof rails, etc..)
  4. Happy to have found the WROC site and wanted to introduce myself. Interested in finding out about recommended VW performance specialist for servicing and tuning in and around London
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