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  1. r1ch360

    Happy r owner

    White 7.5 dsg it's a low spec car tbh but it has everything I wanted didn't realise I wanted a pan roof till the misses got a Tiguan with one and wish I'd got DCC but I can live without it. And as for plans I'm struggling to decide on exhaust don't want anything too loud it's a daily hoping to meet up with some owners at some point and hear some for comparison then ECU/TCU remap.
  2. What size spacers did you go for that looks good for stock ride height?
  3. r1ch360

    Happy r owner

    Just saying hi Brought a 7.5R in January after wanting a golf for ages finally pulled the trigger loving it so far.
  4. Im new here and a stock car but I'd be interested if it's not too late
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