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  1. I plan on getting a new clutch for it anyway. I have pretty much accepted this. I will enjoy it and if it goes it goes. Thank you so much for the help everyone. I am picking it up next week!
  2. Car is 2018. Don’t think it was trashed about. Was owned by a older couple who traded it in for a bigger car. Services all look good. Think I’m going to go ahead with it. Looks in top shape. The dealership is also offering a one year warranty which can’t hurt
  3. Another question. Is 50k considered high mileage? For these cars anyway. Know a guy who did 100k in his golf r without any issues
  4. Had a service ever 10k miles. It has P4S on it. Tyres are in good condition.
  5. The car has been with the same dealership it’s hole life. I have check through the service. Haldex was serviced and cleaned
  6. Car has been well maintained. One lady owner who drove it to the city and back everything. Mostly on motor way. Had the haldex service at 43k miles.
  7. Hello all. I am looking to buy a mk7.5 golf r . It has 53k miles is this to much? Should I stay away? The car has lived it’s life on the motorway. It’s a manual. I have test driven it and it feels great. Anything Else I should look at? thanks Ryan.
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