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  1. RobW

    The A45 has gone. Long live the........

    Wow what a motor! Treat your leather with that protection stuff that MRJWW used on his RS6 at Dub Customs (check YouTube). Protects from dye from jeans etc. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. RobW

    Vehiclesavers R deal

    Mines with vehiclesavers but financed via Arval. Being returned next month so will see how that goes. Not expecting anything different though. New R also with vehiclesavers and again Arval finance. Sent from my X5pro using Tapatalk
  3. RobW

    2016 Best lease deal

    Finally ordered another R. 5 door manual. 3 + 35 10k per annum £326 per month Via vehiclesavers. Never had the same car twice in a row. That's how pleased I am with it. Sent from my X5pro using Tapatalk
  4. RobW

    5dr DSG R 3 + 36 deal

    Very good deal. Just wish they could get their latest quarter prices sorted so I can order my next one for October delivery (if within my budget of course). Spoke with them today and the current deals are only because they have stock available. I would get the admin fee reduced though, play one off against the other. A mate of mine had his admin fee reduced to £90! Don't know if I'd be that cheeky though, £180 is about average.
  5. RobW

    PCP or Lease

    I'd never pay £2500 as a deposit. What happens if you right it off, you've lost all that money. That's why I always go for 3 months up front. Rather pay extra per month. Crafty lease companies always advertise their prices with highest deposit. Sent from my X5pro using Tapatalk
  6. RobW

    2016 Best lease deal

    Really? Your website quoted much higher for 10k per annum. I'll be in touch. Sent from my X5pro using Tapatalk
  7. RobW

    2016 Best lease deal

    Currently getting quotes for a Cupra 290 SC. Only option is metallic paint and these quotes are around £300 pm, give or take a tenner. Based on 10k per annum 3 + 35. Must be registered by end of September. Still no news on the new Golf R rates. Just spoke to Vehiclesavers. Should be soon so they said.
  8. RobW

    2016 Best lease deal

    Cupra 290 is now on my list if the Golf R isn't within budget! According to Seat information it also has adjustable throttle control. Not sure how adjustable, maybe its just with Sport, Cupra modes and not fine tunable. Golf should have an adjustable throttle control by default, like DTUK box! Some good deals about for the Cupra. Colours are an issue though - not many to chose from.
  9. RobW

    Replacement tyres on a lease 7R

    ATS fitted Michelin to the fronts as bridgestones not available. I will however make sure the rears will be the same when they're replaced. Sent from my X5pro using Tapatalk
  10. RobW

    2016 Best lease deal

    Estate isn't on my list at all. Golf R M235i - had quotes from TRL, but they're around £400. M135i if I can get over its styling! Mini JCW perhaps. Just waiting on new rates to be announced. Sent from my X5pro using Tapatalk
  11. RobW

    2016 Best lease deal

    Been trying to organise a replacement R hatch for October delivery, but all current offers are for registration by end of June. New rates are supposed to be released soon. Been told they're having a meeting end of next week. This was via vehiclesavers. Sent from my X5pro using Tapatalk
  12. RobW

    2016 Best lease deal

    If it was a deposit of 3 months it would be OK but not 6. I'm still on the lookout. Vehiclesavers told me to keep an eye on their website for new offers as the current one is on hold.
  13. RobW

    2016 Best lease deal

    True, but only if you fancy putting down £2600 as a deposit.
  14. RobW

    Arval Lease?

    Mine was also vehiclesavers and came from Warrington on the back of a low loader. No info about where to take it for tyres etc, found out by going to Kwik fit who contacted Arval and I was directed to ATS! Rob
  15. RobW

    Arval Lease?

    Sorry, I have maintenance included in lease. Rob