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  1. So to clarify, you don’t pay tax??
  2. A45 was my favourite car. I’m itching to get back in one.
  3. Mat_the_w


    Not usually a huge fan of red cars, but I’m loving Catalunya Red when the sun catches it!
  4. The M3 was a great car, but you can’t use most of the power most of the time. Slightest bit of damp on the roads and it didn’t really want to know. Trying to get out of junctions/on to roundabouts when busy wasn’t easy due to it wanting to go sideways all the time, which is great fun some of the time, but frustrating most of the time. With 4WD you can just mash your foot and go, which sometimes takes away some of the fun, and why some people think 4WD cars are boring.
  5. A45 went a year ago! The RS3 has a softer ride in comfort setting than the A45 so I find it a bit nicer day to day. The tech is better in the RS3 too, I love the virtual display. The steering is too light in the RS3, although it does weight up in the Dynamic setting, the A45 felt better to me. I found the A45 understeered a lot, as does the RS3. Performance wise, the RS3 is the quicker car, but you’d be splitting hairs really. The A45 was more of a hooligan to me, always wanting to have a bit of fun, whereas the RS3 feels a bit more grown up, certainly looks very understated compared to an A45 with Aero pack. I loved the A45, probably more than the M3 that came after it, and I dare say I’d have another one, but they’d have to change the infotainment system first - if they put in the screens from the E63 ( and another 30bhp) they’ll have a winner. Both are great cars though, I’m sure 95% of people would be happy with either.
  6. I’m averaging 26 mpg from new over 1100 miles, mainly local trips, can’t imagine it will be any worse than the Golf unless you permanently give it death
  7. The Fiat is the wife’s toy. Looks great, sounds like a lawnmower[emoji23]
  8. The A45 was more fun, RS3 seems a bit more grown up. RS3 much nicer on long runs in comfort setting. Tech is a bit better in the Audi. Both great cars, but then I’ve never really had a car I didn’t like at the time I had it. I’d definitely have an A45 again though.
  9. Cars 1979 mini 850 1988 mini 1000 1993 fiesta 1996 Fiat Bravo HGT 1997 Passat 1.8 2000 Seat Alhambra 2004 Jag XJ6 Sport 2003 Volvo S60 R 2008 Mini Cooper S 2009 Seat Leon FR TDI 2010 Jaguar XFR 2011 Mercedes C250 CDi 2008 Porsche C4 S 2011 Golf 6R 2012 Merc C63 2013 BMW X5 M50d 2007 Golf R32 2015 Merc A45 2017 BMW F80 M3 2018 Audi RS3 Bikes 1997 Suzuki Bandit 1998 Kawasaki ZX6R 2000 Fireblade 2004 ZX10R 2005 GSXR 1000 2007 GSXR 750 2008 KTM Superduke 2008 Fireblade 2009 CB1000R Plus some I’ve forgotten
  10. I’m also not a red car fan! Originally wanted Floret Silver which I think looks amazing, but this was a cancelled order and ready to go so I jumped on it. It actually looks a lot better in the flesh, and appears many different shades from orange to almost bronze depending on the light. Black pack makes the difference as you said. Boot is a good size, but the opening is not, so it limits what you can get in - not an issue for me as I’ve got a van too. It doesn’t feel nose heavy to me, doesn’t understeer as much as the A45 did, but you just get used to a cars characteristics anyway I think. The 6R was a lovely thing but not comparable in any way to the RS3 or the 45 - still wish I had it though although I think that about all my old cars [emoji848]. Steering is very very light, but does weight up nicely depending on what setting you have the car in. It has magnetic ride, pan roof (not pan at all really), all the safety aids, adaptive cruise (first for me), super sport seats, upgraded wheels (only in colour and rim width - the style is the same with all 3 choices), bang and Olufsen stereo, sports exhaust and 5 year extended warranty. I won’t map it, too scared of warranty issues.
  11. Yes the garage is great. Double length on one side, double width at the front so it allows a nice workshop area at the back. It was a private builder who built the houses so we could have pretty much what we wanted ( and were prepared to pay for) within reason, so no small new build garage for me [emoji3]
  12. No choice on the wheels, but I agree they’re not the best, but I’ve seen worse. And they’re easy to keep clean which was a major bug bear of mine with the M3 comp pack wheels - they were a [email protected] to clean.
  13. Haven’t taken any good ones, but I’ll post what I have.
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