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  1. Na doesn’t include the brake fluid but It’s recently been done when I did the front and rear disc/pads. I won’t be taking out an extended warranty, car is modified now so not much point.
  2. Car is approaching 3 years old but also approaching 40,000 miles so major service is required. Gone the full hog.... Major service including spark plugs and serviceable filters replaced, ramair filter will be cleaned too DSG service Haldex service including filter clean Didn’t want to use VW as I just don’t trust them especially with the Haldex filter clean. I have gone with BTG Performance in Newcastle, price is £540 all in. I had some really varying quotes Swift Engineering (VAG specialist) was £639 VW quoted £632, just wanted to use their quote as a bench mark. JM Imports.......wait for it......£1020, don’t know what happened there, I know they have a great reputation, are an APR dealer and build mega power GTR’s but still!!
  3. Just seen this online..... Wonder if they’ll fit the Golf R?! Like the look of them, would be a cool OEM mod to do.
  4. I highly rate Mountune stage 1, I have wrote a review on here, possibly the one linked. I have the engine and TCU tune and together they transform the car. They released the 7 speed TCU tune a few months ago. Mine is a 7.5 estate and has done a dragy verified 0-60 in 3.69 1/4 mile in 11.96 100-200 in 10.55 0-100 in 8.98 Thats was with everything including the baby seat, half a tank of fuel.....and a 115kg driver 😂 Really impressed with the times considering it’s a Cobb flash tune and only quoted at 360ps/500nm. Quickest stage 1 car in the Northeast according to dragy. Other companies claim more power on their dynos but it’s how it actually performs that matters to me. Im awaiting an update to take the power to 385ps and 510nm COVID has just delayed them getting this out to us. 10% discount available too using code “MK7OWNERS”
  5. Exhaust Doctor is just round the corner from me, never used them, had a quote for a res delete which was £120. I know people who have used them and the work is top notch. I actually ended up using a smaller new company call Chis Tech based out of Williams Performance in Cramlington, great work and service....he actually got me in at 7pm on a Saturday night!!
  6. That’s awesome that they’ve extended warranty, I was trying to find time to get mine in before September as my infotainment has started playing up, freezing, map not loading on the dash, sometimes no voice on calls.
  7. That’s supply of the engine and installation and tune on the stock Turbo. Bear in mind you’d be looking at around 15k for a DAZA engine and gearbox, which is the engine you’d want if you were going to the lengths of the conversion. No ones going to do that conversion and stay at that power though, realistically you’ll be looking at a 700bhp Golf R by the time you’ve done the turbo etc......expensive project when you could just buy an RS3 to start with.
  8. 310 estate here. Stage one tuned, Both engine and DSG with a res delete, my DSG farts are very loud, I’ve mastered 1st-2nd-3rd those changes are like a shotgun going off since getting the DSG tune. Pops and bangs on the overrun are also pretty loud.....in the rain it’s like an AK47 weirdly, guessing the spray is keeping exhaust temps down or somethings. Above is only in Race Mode, gearbox in S best noises in manual but also get them in auto. So annoying to have to switch back into Race mode every time though, lack of pop and bangs always reminds me.
  9. Out of interest I contacted the person in the UK who has a good reputation for doing this conversion.....asked for an estimate drive in drive out price....... 20-30k estimate for a 500bhp car......I mean there’s so much potential for the 5 cylinder as standard......but.........
  10. I didn’t know the springs were suitable for the 7.5 estate? have you got any pictures of how it looks now?
  11. I’ve also been thinking of upgrading to an RS3 recently, the noise alone is something else and the 2017 onwards models make 500bhp and 650nm from an intercooler and a remap. If I was in your position and ready to go I’d make the change.
  12. I have these fitted, perfect fit, easy to install and feel so much nicer than the plastic ones.
  13. That’s mine. I’m only Stage 1. I have sold my draggy as it was just too tempting to do big speed, I used the latest update to see what my actual top speed was as I was curious to see if the mountune map removed the limiter, and then sold it. I can assure you that whatever you say on a forum regarding speed is not incriminating evidence. A Video that clearly shows a public road (road signs, markings, other cars etc) and a speed in excess of the limit, that would be though.
  14. Which Intercooler is the “magic” Chinese one?
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