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  1. Hi No response from Mountune, they looked at the datalog data I sent them and said all is fine but they didn’t address what might be causing the code. Ive been contacting them as they were meant to be increasing the power of the stage 1 map to 385bhp/510nm in line with the IS38 stage 2 GTI tune, but I’ve not heard anything in months. Car still performing really well though and I’ve not felt the need to scan for any codes in a long time.
  2. which liner screw is it? And is it ok running without it?
  3. All you get is turbo sounds, whooshes and tishes all day long.
  4. If you want sound just get a Ram Air induction kit. I’ve had one on mine since I got the car, all the noise you could wish for. I opened up the right side of the standard air feed and blanked off the rear left to give better air feed and when the bonnet is down it seals the filter, you can tell by the imprint left on the bonnet sound proofing.
  5. I wouldn’t waste your money. Snake oil. Sold by companies to make a bit more money, you’ll also see companies selling them claiming that you need one to make their quoted remap gains. Have a read of this.... http://mygolfmk7.com/2019/12/turbo-muffler-delete-testing/
  6. Currently looking at getting eibach lowering springs for my estate want to go with the 20mm variants. I have 19” Pretoria’s with 12mm spacers up front and 15mm at the rear. Question is do you think I’d suffer from rubbing....mainly at the front? I have heard something about the front arch liner mod but unsure what this is.....
  7. I am looking at eibachs for my estate, worried about rubbing though. I have 19” Pretoria’s, 12mm spacers on the front and 15mm on the back, does anyone have any experience with this kind of set up?
  8. Does anyone know which steel wheels will fit the MK7 R? Ideally looking for 19” steelies.
  9. That code isn’t listed on Ross Tech. Not going to loose any sleep over it, hopefully it was just one of those things. if anyone could shed some light on that code though it would be grateful.
  10. Is there a list of codes anywhere? Did a scan there was a code P29E5 showing, cars driving fine, all gears, code cleared.
  11. On my way home tonight, hadn’t launched the car in about 4 months so thought I’d find an empty road, launched, got to 50mph and then came up with gearbox in emergency mode, safe to drive on. Would only select every other gear. Turned the car off and then started it again, no message and the car drives fine under full load, all gears ok etc. Is this something to be concerned about or something to forget about seeing as it’s driving fine....
  12. Yep had both done. Id say the only thing that’s let BTG down is the fact that they can’t update the digital service record and the invoice for work done I’ve had sent through doesn’t have a breakdown of what was done for the major service, it also doesn’t have the mileage the work was completed at. Ive requested this to be amended. Picture of what the original invoice looks like.......
  13. I took the gamble on a £30 generic one from eBay, fitted perfectly, no knocks on start up, small amount of vibration on idle but the wife couldn’t even tell. I had it out recently just to check and it’s as it was, not twisted or damaged. Made a big difference, made shifts feel more precise and a more direct feel under acceleration.
  14. So my service was done yesterday, hassle free service at BTG. I did ask them to take a photo of my haldex filter so I could see how dirty it was but they apologised when I got there as the mechanic had forgot. They said it wasn’t the worst they had seen but definitely needed cleaning and they do it with the haldex oil change regardless. I can honestly feel a big difference with gear changes, much smoother in both manual and auto and kick down seems more responsive, crazy how much difference an oil change can make.
  15. Na doesn’t include the brake fluid but It’s recently been done when I did the front and rear disc/pads. I won’t be taking out an extended warranty, car is modified now so not much point.
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