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  1. More than likely, I just need the coding
  2. North Leeds, but can meet you somewhere convenient
  3. I can do most of those, plus DRL brightness, auto fan speed visible, soundaktor volume change, vcds exhaust flap delete... I’ll need to find the coding for the front windows on key
  4. klauster

    West Yorkshire

    did you get sorted?
  5. klauster

    VCDS Location Map

    I work in Wetherby down the road
  6. klauster

    leeds area vcds

    My number is 07811469226, drop me a text
  7. klauster

    VCDS Location Map

    Yes happy to help, my number is 07811469226
  8. Hi klauster, I have read through a couple of posts regarding coding on the Golf R rear lights and I noticed that your name comes up time and again that you've been able to do certain successful coding with the brake/tail lights. I have been trying for ages to change the inner brake light coding and each time it comes up with error in request. I have a genuine vcds cable and I've managed to change a few tweaks on the car but I can't get the lights to code. I'm not far from your...

  9. klauster

    leeds area vcds

    Already sorted [emoji12]
  10. klauster

    leeds area vcds

    I certainly can can u send pm's?
  11. klauster

    VCDS Location Map

    I'm in north Leeds but we can arrange somewhere to meet, drop me a pm or email when you are ready
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