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  1. Nice one. Anyone have any idea when finance deals will be available ( PCP & Lease) ?
  2. BW45 2016 UK spec changes

    Spoke to one person today and their order books were closed. Does your source know when orders for the face lifted model will be taken?
  3. USB Port

  4. USB Port

    Does artwork display when using USB?
  5. MIB1 to MIB2 Upgrade?

    Would be interesting to see if this could work out
  6. Sat Nav for non Sat nav cars?

    Waze is very good. Just trying Navmii out at the minute you can download the maps for offline use.
  7. What do you think of the Type R? OTT in red but look better in white.
  8. Good looking detailing?

    Underneath the front valance is dirty too
  9. I like it, looks good. Would be interesting to see them both from a standing start, The Leon cupra 280 has been swift in the reviews I've read so bodes well for the Clubsport.
  10. Handbrake Failure!

    The car hadn't been into the dealer lately? I have seen dealers turn off the Auto hold ( and headlights ) before.
  11. Knocking from the rear

    I had this rear near side knocking. It was a misaligned exhaust hanger. The dealer had the car for the day and it had now been fine for the last couple of months.
  12. Really impressed with TR paint

  13. Really impressed with TR paint

    VW7R you must have been lucky, I had bird poo on my roof for only an afternoon, a matter of 3 hours max. It was removed when I went out to the car. Unfortunately, it did mark the paint. The article below suggests that it is not the bird dropping acidity. http://www.autoglym.com/news_articles/new-research-dispels-myth-of-why-bird-droppings-damage-paint
  14. Car Magazine's Long-Term R Stolen

    Now, that's unfortunate and and embarrassing for the magazine and VW. Oh dear....... "we were loving our new Golf R ........until it was stolen"
  15. 2016 increased spec

    That was my next port of call the configurator