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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    · WG17 FRJ (April 2017) – Golf R Estate 2.0 TFSI – 350ps – DSG – 7.5 Facelift Generation (non-exhaust particulate filter - active exhaust) · Lapiz Blue · Stage 1 Remap – now 350 ps (310 factory) plus extra 80nm to 460nm (380 nm factory) . Factory 0-60mph is 4.8 seconds (with DSG) now circa 4.0 seconds · 32,500 miles from new (one owner) – no finance · Gloss black pretoria 19” alloys (May 2021 refurbished – no markings) · Michelin Pilotsport 4s tyres – brand new May 2021 · Full Service History with VW Murray in Plymouth – MOT June 2021 · Kamikaze Ceramic coated body and full de-contamination detail when new . Monthly detail using EZ products - including clayed, de-ironed, de-tar, carnauba wax, hydrophobic sealant on body and alloys, snow foam and 2 bucket wash . Garaged throughout life . Excellent condition inside and out Spec is: · DSG gearbox with upgrade metal paddle shifters · Lapiz Blue Metallic · Titan black cloth race seats · Pretoria 19” Alloys - gloss black (unmarked) . Flat bottomed leather steering wheel . Anthracite head lining · Panoramic glass sunroof · Keyless entry · Rear view camera · LED headlights with dynamic curve lighting · Heated seats · Contrast matt silver - Folding mirrors · Privacy glass rear · Discover Navigation · Active info display (new digital cockpit with nav in driver display) · Adaptive cruise control · R sports suspension · Gloss black wrapped roof bars · Android Auto and Apple Carplay · Roof bars available (sell separately) · Boot interior protector . Full automatic climate control . 2 Keys . Race mode active exhaust - plus comfort, normal, race and individual settings . Launch control . Performance data readouts and stopwatch/lap timer/g-force . Video of car available


    Plymouth, Devon - GB

  2. Just had delivered and fitted a K&N air filter 33-3005 for my 2017 7.5 Golf R. Currently a bargain deal on Amazon for £37.80 which they say is 55% off plus free prime delivery. Worth a look if interested. Definitely genuine and fits like a glove. The old filter which is 4 years old looked pretty worn and dirty so hopefully a cheap beneficial mod.
  3. Had the same problem on my year old 7.5R but all fixed under warranty - VW used a smooth grey which looks great!
  4. Pretty sure it was warranty. Maybe wrong but I did not pay anything which is the most important! Good luck!
  5. Hi Nik Plymouth Murray were as good as gold. I think they like my R as it was originally their 1st 7.5 estate they saw/sold! Painted hubs under warranty as below. They do make a big difference to the appearance of the Pretorias compared to the rusty ones! Good luck.
  6. Interesting to hear this. I must be one of the lucky ones as my 1 year old 7.5R is currently in the dealers having the hubs painted due to this exact rust issue and agreed all covered by the warranty. Being kept overnight as required 3 coats of special heat/corrosive resistant paint. Also had an issue with one of the wheel nut covers on each wheel discolouring. Was on each of the lockable bolts which had no corrosion underneath. Very strange but again all 4 replaced under warranty by my friendly dealer. Apart from that 1 year of ownership with 8000 miles on the clock has been fantastic and trouble free.
  7. R has been brilliant today in the snow down South. Very impressed with the traction and seemed to get me everywhere I needed to go! Such a good reason to get the R over the GTI....if we ever needed a reason!
  8. Hi all In an attempt to avoid a trawl through the threads can anyone recommend where to purchase a Pedal Box online in the UK for a 7.5R DSG? Is there any particular brand/model recommended? Many thanks
  9. Just to clarify my 7.5 estate stays in the same mode it was in at the time the engine is switched off...normally race mode...very convenient!
  10. Tinted film, but like most things in life it is worth paying a little extra for a reputable firm like ADS to do it then some of the cowboys. VW Murrays send all their cars there in any event. They use special measuring tools to work out how much tint you currently have on the vehicle and then make suggestions to what % to go for. I had an extra 25% (on top of the standard 65%) so it matched in with the panoramic roof tint.
  11. I live and work in the central Plymouth so you may see the blue beast around! Ask for Gary Chapman who is the owner of ADS and say James with the new Golf R recommended them. You should get a decent price. VW Murrays actually send all their cars there. Don't worry about the heater elements as you can not see them from the outside if you go for the 90%. Of course you are only getting an extra 25% to add to the 65% so don't get carried away! They will though match the tint to whatever % you want - all done in their new dust free unit in Stonehouse. Good luck!
  12. I have 90% tints on my new Estate 7.5R. Had to be retrofitted as bizarrely not an option on the estate by specialist ADS in Plymouth and match the tinting in the pano roof. Fully recommended and cost just shy of £200. They are for me though primarily for privacy/security over blocking sunlight. I would recommend you do get a sunblind for your new baby in mind. Tints obviously help block the sun, but it still gets through and will potentially disturb their sleep. I speak from experience with a 5 and 9 year old having grown up with our A4 avant which had factory tints and a sun blind fitted. The R does not have any sunblind and complaints have come in from the little ones! Photo is our visit to Goodwood FOS over the weekend
  13. Only disappointment for me was the lack of a VW stand! I presume cost cutting on the back of the emissions scandal.
  14. Yes that was me on Friday night! Hunting for my old man in his black VW Campervan...like trying to find a needle in a haystack! I spotted 3 other Rs. Imagine you were one of them!
  15. Great Goodwood this year! Could not decide which supercar to come home in so stuck to the R!!!
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