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  1. Had my my thermostat housing & water pump changed today. Got a parts quote from my local VW dealer, £486 for latest housing, pump & inlet manifold gasket. CLP Automotive did it for £550 fully fitted with a complimentary full car health check.
  2. Haha, I didn’t get home from work until 8pm last night, I’d removed them by 9pm & spent about an hour cleaning them. I happen to find the San Miguel’s in the fridge as my wife had been shopping, she’s s great lady!
  3. They do look good painted black, I thought about it but my car is red & I don’t think it would suit it. If anyone has pictures of a red golf with black tailpipes , could you post a picture please, I might be swayed!
  4. I don’t have a rubber mallet, just wrapping insulation tape around a metal hammer & tapped them off. The drivers side outer came off by wiggling it but the inners are harder to get a grip on. I think they’re stainless steel so I’m unsure if you can have them chromed or refinished. Boltonmods do 4” tailpipes (x4) for £190 but they need welding on.
  5. Removed my exhaust tips today & cleaned them up with fine wire wool & autosol metal polish. They’re pitted around the outer edges but I’m quite pleased with them. Treated them to a ceramic coating which I already had lying about hoping that it’ll make them easier to clean in future. Probably turn to tar as soon as some heat goes through em, I’ll have to wait & see.
  6. Swapped my tyres over today, front to back. The only thing that I’ve done that didn’t cost any money. With a bit of luck they will all become illegal at the same time
  7. Not really, but if it’s going to fail anyway I’d rather fit a cheaper version. I only wanted to know if non OEM would work okay. I’m planning on fitting myself so don’t mind paying £200 every time it needs replacing.
  8. My thermostat housing is now leaking coolant & GSF sell an INA housing & water pump for £185 (if you use their discount code). Wondering if it’s worth a punt because genuine parts seem to fail at an alarming rate.
  9. Hi, sorry to bring up an old thread but my water pump/thermostat housing is leaking. I can get an INA replacement fo less than £200, just wanted to know how yours is holding up. I don’t really see the point of buying a genuine item if it’s going to fail in the future.
  10. It was your post that made me get this one, I wouldn’t have been able to live with the NVH that others had reported after installing an insert
  11. Fitted Revo lower torque bush. Only took an hour which included jacking up the car. I didn’t buy in installation kit as it only helps to insert it, instead I used the bush as a template on the cardboard box that the bush came in & taped it together & stuck it on top of my trolley jack. Used plenty of silicone/ptfe grease ( polyflex use something similar ) & it went straight in. Torqued it up & boom. Hardly any NVH, can feel it a little with air con on but liveable.
  12. Looks smart. It’s a shame that they’ll get covered up.
  13. Yeah that’s it, about £120 with fitting kit. Go to order it so it comes when my wife is at work & she’s now off for a fortnight.
  14. I really didn’t think I’d get 416 as I have a sports cat. Car feels rapid now......contemplating revo torque bush next
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