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  1. I got similar power & torque from APR stage 1 remap, loved it !
  2. I replaced like 4 like, next time tho I’ll probably upgrade to to PS4’s. I don’t do many miles so it’ll be a while off
  3. For anyone looking for new tyres, if you’re near to an F1 Autocentre, you can choose your tyres, pay online & pick your fitting date and time. I had 4 Bridgestone’s fitted & balanced for £330 & was there less than an hour. You’ll probably find cheaper elsewhere but for convenience it was A1
  4. I think I’d get one if mine was keyless
  5. I had mine 12 months before going stage 1, enjoy it as it is for a while, iron out all the cracks & then start modding. It’s a slippery slope tho when you mod it.
  6. I had stage 1 APR HO & TCU & dynoed @ 360 bhp & 399 lb/ft with no hardware mods. I was disappointed when I watched the dyno, was hoping for 370/380 ish, but when I drove it home I was amazed. Had it done at Awesome gti.
  7. I bought EBC standard replacement rear discs, been on 18 months now & the coating is still on, no rust at all, about the same price as VW parts
  8. I had a carista, doesn’t do very much. I then got OBD eleven & upgraded to pro version (cheapest way) . Went to Argos & bought Lenovo tablet for 50 quid & hotspot it from my phone. It’s 10 x better than carista. Don’t buy the credits, you can get 6 free every day when you log onto it & watching adds for apps
  9. Defo new sump plug, they are plastic & around £5 from VW
  10. OBD eleven forum might have it
  11. Ghost alarms are meant to be really good, you make your own code with multi function buttons in the car. A mate at work bought a Mustang (67 plate) & used a farraday pouch at first & then got a ghost alarm fitted, about £400.
  12. Just make sure your oil is at least 80 degrees, car data shows temp. I don’t give mine any gas till I’m at that temp.
  13. I wouldn’t just lower the rears, some lowering spring sets lower front & rear differently but you’ll have to check or adjustable coilovers if you want to balance the height. A friend of mine put coilovers on a car & was never happy with its stance & always tweaking it.
  14. Just watched it being done on YouTube & don’t fancy doing that. I’ll have an attempt on stands myself & if I can’t wriggle it out, I’ll bolt it back together & get a garage to do it. Been quoted £300 & that’s why I wanted to diy.
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