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  1. I’ve got a BCS Powervalve res delete (earlier version) & I think it’s brilliant. Makes all the right noises, so I gave my original resonator away as I’ll never take it off!
  2. CLP tuning in Sheffield sell Porsche Macan calipers £595. You can choose pads, discs etc from a drop down box on there website. I’ve just been looking at them as I need a brake upgrade too.
  3. I got new drop links when doing mine, one of the triple squares split so I got 2 from eurocarparts, £25 for both. Mine is a SuperPro 24mm on the softer setting & they have been fine.
  4. Been putting my ‘B12’s’ together with new mounts & bearings, hoping to fit on the long Easter weekend. Spoke to Awesome GTI this week regarding 4 wheel alignment, gonna give it a week or so beforehand just in case i have to re-tweak anything.
  5. Fitted this today....inspired by other members who’ve installed the Aliexpress type. I saw the same on Ebay but it was 2-3 weeks for delivery & my impatience wouldn’t allow that so I got this one with 5 day delivery. Had to clean my pedals before taking this photo & now I’m going to have to do so every time I clean the car.
  6. I’ve got one for a mk7 if you’re still interested
  7. I went stage 1 with 10 months of an extended warranty still on the car. My reckoning was that nothing would go wrong with it standard, only if modded. Luckily for me it worked. Now stage 2 with other upgrades & planning more, coil overs etc. Car is an absolute weapon now, but as you’ve probably read before, car tuning is an expensive & slippery slope. They are a great car standard...... but something else when tuned, not trying to sway you but if I had money set aside, it’d be booked in for sure!
  8. Standard to stage 1 is the best single mod for R’s. Hope you enjoy it.
  9. Had my BCS res delete fitted yesterday at a local garage. Really impressed with the sound of the car now. I didn’t post yesterday as I hadn’t been on a motorway & wanted to see if their was any drone at cruising speed, which I’m glad to say their isn’t. I’ve got a catted Scorpion downpipe fitted & it sounds brilliant in normal mode, race mode sounds even better. I’ve got a Unicorn stage 2 map which has subtle pops & bangs on overrun (after hard acceleration) & now sounds amazing. If I drive nice & sensibly it’s hardly any louder than stock so won’t annoy my neighbours. If a
  10. Looks smart, especially with prets. Exhaust looks great too.
  11. BCS res delete has just been delivered. Will be fitting ASAP. Nige at Powervalve is a really great guy to deal with.
  12. Had my my thermostat housing & water pump changed today. Got a parts quote from my local VW dealer, £486 for latest housing, pump & inlet manifold gasket. CLP Automotive did it for £550 fully fitted with a complimentary full car health check.
  13. Haha, I didn’t get home from work until 8pm last night, I’d removed them by 9pm & spent about an hour cleaning them. I happen to find the San Miguel’s in the fridge as my wife had been shopping, she’s s great lady!
  14. They do look good painted black, I thought about it but my car is red & I don’t think it would suit it. If anyone has pictures of a red golf with black tailpipes , could you post a picture please, I might be swayed!
  15. I don’t have a rubber mallet, just wrapping insulation tape around a metal hammer & tapped them off. The drivers side outer came off by wiggling it but the inners are harder to get a grip on. I think they’re stainless steel so I’m unsure if you can have them chromed or refinished. Boltonmods do 4” tailpipes (x4) for £190 but they need welding on.
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