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  1. Got the standard Discover on 7.5 bud [emoji106] send me a private message [emoji108]
  2. If anyone needs this send me a message on here, I can try and sort it out for people since I’ve already paid the fee [emoji14]
  3. You must be able to get an acoustic notification for the MK7.5 as well surely... unsure where the selection for this is though, do I need to activate it on POI Car Net list per chance? Edit: I’ve re read your whole post, having read it all myself and calling VW - it’s mind boggling! Gonna call head office in a moment to take it off the website for false info [emoji106]
  4. Quick question though, audible warnings... do I need the MP3 or WAV files? If it’s neither of these I must have downloaded the wrong version as there’s 2 Garmin POI Loaders. Please let me know anyone [emoji106]
  5. Wow, I can't believe how easy it was once subscribing and then following this very quick guide. Thought it'd take ages - £20 well spent, would have quite easily paid the previous guy on eBay but this is so straight forward. If anyone runs in to issue with it, either come view this thread or contact someone who's responded here. So easy, thank-you so much Rob - amazing guide!
  6. Cheers all, sorry - just being a tight *** really [emoji23] spend so much on rubbish I don’t need but don’t want to spend £1.80 a month on my Sat Nav - need to get my priorities right haha! Time to cancel that subscription to VWG magazine I guess [emoji27]
  7. Hi All, just bought a new Mk7.5... bit of an upgrade from my manual 7R, wanting to get the Speed Cameras sorted on my Nav. Anyone able to help me out, I'm wondering as someone used to sell the files etc on eBay but can't anymore due to selling regulations with digital services. I just don't fancy subscribing to the PocketGPSWorld fee. Thanks in advance! And to everyone subscribed, sorry for bring this to life again haha!
  8. Cheers for the responses, Race by Design is a bit far for me I reckon... I may see if I can find a roll of PPF and then get my mate to sort it from there, he owns a vehicle signage company - just wondered if there may be pre-cut shaped for the Golf. Still a bit unsure on these exhaust tips though!
  9. Need your thoughts everyone, based in the southwest, nearest city Plymouth. PPF - is it worth it? I’m thinking Bonnet and Front Bumper, anyone done it and regret it - or even have advice for where to go? I have a great friend I work with who can apply a kit if there are any available, but where do I get it from and what do I purchase?! On another note, I kinda want to take the chrome trims off the exhaust and replace with an Audi RS style cover, has anyone done this or similar? I know they’re quad tips, but a cover could be made surely. My worry is - I don’t know how wide RS tips are, if I combined the quad exhaust then 1 side would be 220mm wide! Any help is appreciated. Cheers Rich
  10. Good on you bud! Just looking at upgrading my 3Dr to 5Dr Top spec... but it’s looking at a brand new off the factory as there’s none around for Golf R’s. Cheaper to go through a broker than buy a pre registered managers demo like it [emoji27] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. What’d you make the change to Silk? Never did ask! Take care dude [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I think the Australians are very similar to the Americans in the market, lower power provided, different oil provided, lower spec fuel on the forecourt... I believe that's why it's a 'wrong' oil supplement. Thanks for sharing though, very useful guides in there [emoji41][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Having been inactive I've so many notifications... this has been a mod I keep meaning to do, I had a kid of SuperBrightLEDs shipping for my C30 before... I held onto these as thought they'd come in handy, I'll know very soon (when I get home) to the sizes. Time to start locating them all! Cheers everyone Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I'm logged in on Tapatalk and it does not work, hence the message. Maybe it's just a Tapatalk issue?
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