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  1. I bet! They’re awesome 😎 Dave and very glad you love um 😁 My stonking winter wheels are now in the classifieds so great for the stance lovers to get through winter 😎🥶
  2. I did offer you interest free Dave but you wasn’t fussed ( you pay now I charge no interest ) 😂😂 sorry bud. Wish I had five sets the interest I had in them 👍
  3. Aww.. ok I’ll chase them up Rich but they’re probably in transit from KW Germany so should I think arrive early next week. 👍👍 R looks wicked.
  4. Thanks Rich 👍 Appreciated the sale and you being a top bloke and man of his word. So glad KW helped us out with the rear springs and now you’re R looks and drives fantastic. Real glad you’re enjoying My much missed suspension 😥😎😁
  5. Absolutely Dave. coming from a Macan with air suspension and 21” wheels to the sportier Golf R on 19” over the same rough road surface .in comparison I thought I had driven off with 5 angry Tigers in the back seat in the Golf it was so loud 😮 but to my dismay My Wife said nothing at all.🤭 and didn’t mermer a word. 🤗
  6. Hi bud 👍 My early Tiguan 184 runs the old mk5 console bushes up front connecting to the rear of the front LCAS so luckily AL at awesome GTI recommended a anti dive replacement console bush that adds one degree of positive caster and dynamic negative camber to give it some turn in grip which it’s lacking 😎 he also does the tarox strada for the humble Tiguan R line as well so they’ll be welcome as stock pads are crap at best 🙄 The Q5 has a multi link front suspension I think 🤔 so have a word with AL at awesome and he’ll tell you what you need up front. I know My Macan had great turn in so there’s plenty of bushes available I’d say.
  7. Glad you’re enjoying the Superpro LCAS Daz they’re amazing and wish they’d of fitted My old Tiguan 🤔 I’m getting an anti dive and static camber caster kit for it with some of the sale proceeds 👍 cars looking sick fair play 😎😎 Thanks for the sale bud 👍
  8. I know Almac uses a lightweight battery PR half the weight or less. It’s in his build thread was under £200 and works perfectly on his mk7 R iirc it’s an odyssey race bike battery. l know demon tweeks stock the whole range.
  9. Good thought Dave as My Tiguan doesn’t have paddles but I’ve seen a few older Tiguan’s with paddles so I’ll keep My eyes 👀 open. Although the Q500 DSG 7speed does less hunting about for gears than My previous R 7 speed 👍. Great reminder.
  10. Cobb stuffs the bomb 💣 it made 160 bhp plus increase on My previous Macan Turbo. it made Range Rover SVR’s look like juke diesels 😎🤣
  11. Great to see you enjoying the wheels bud 😎😎 they’re looking awesome and I’m glad to see them living on on another R 😁 They are a classic look for a black rim and so in keeping with your theme bud, and so glad I bought them and didn’t go for an all black rim. Yes Quite puzzled myself that the KWV3S haven’t gone at half price. I think most people aren’t aware of the difference they make to the R in composure when pressing on. Just lowering springs is enough for most so the buyer for such a sophisticated setup is slim. I wouldn’t want to run Stage 2 without the KW’s composure. its a shame I didn’t get there but the setup I had was enough to stay in exotic car company and a lot more practical for a bargain price 😁😁 so well happy I did it 👌
  12. I bet! They live with you now Dave! 😊 better to have loved and lost than never loved at all Dave! 🤨🤣
  13. Hi OP My R ran summer 8x19 et48 wheels and 8.5x18 et45 winter wheels and this altered nothing alignment wise. All on KWV3S non DCC and Superpro front lower control arms and it was a truly fantastic setup for composure and all round abilities. I drove a clubsport S and built My R to replicate the feedback and feel as I was that impressed and it was mission accomplished 😎😎 Due to the regrettable sale of My R the KWV3 and Superpro LCAS are currently in the classifieds section.👍
  14. Sounds a great outcome for an awful experience Raiden. Being an ex landlord My self I feel your pain. glad it’s coming together for you at last. My last final straw tenant cost us £7200 in damages and costs plus no rent for 9 months so glad I sold up now. and I ran a tight ship with 3 builder mates so it can happen so easily. had many good tenants so we were due a bad one. Great to offer homes when it’s appreciated and looked after by a tenant.
  15. Hadn't heard that before. I had a Diesel S Macan and a Turbo and miss those brakes they are great. Bit dubious on pad materials though as you needed to warm them up quite a bit before any performance was available, which could catch you out if you forget and go WOT and hadn't used the brakes sufficiently over the last 20 minute's of starting off on your commute. Lol.
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