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  1. Jon R306

    ROB2k68 Lapiz R Collection & Build thread

    Looking awesome Rob and glad you’re still in love with the R it’s a storming car and fantastic VFM per smiles 😎😁👍 I like the ala wheel they feel fantastic on the move 🤗
  2. Jon R306

    Automatic Boot pop kit

    I fancied this kit from the US as well, but the wife said don’t bother as it doesn’t close the boot after opening 😐🤔 A great 💡 that I always remind the wife of .
  3. Jon R306

    Exploding Sunroof

    Glad you’re ok Nik that’s shocking news and I agree with all of what’s been mentioned. I have the pano and have zero issues as it’s been great the last 19 months from new. Three friends have had they’re pano explode . Not on VW’s but My WiFe still wants one 😬 but hay ho she paid for it 😊 Two of the guy’s were parked up in multi storey car parks when they went pop luckily with cctv providing evedence of no wrong doing by vandals. all three claimed on they’re glass cover insurance and paid £75 excess. Ive told the wife to keep the blind shut until I can ppf inside and out after your scare . Glad all’s ok now 👍
  4. Jon R306

    BCS Res Delete Review

    I fitted a ECS straight pipe res delete on a mk7.5 and drone was noticed at 2500-3000rpm but on the 7speed that’s 70+mph under that it’s unnoticeable. A year on For the money it’s a great mod but a very personal choice . For myself I think it’s fab.
  5. Nice to see bristol transmission as a dealer that's only 40 miles away so a breeze to sort out if I go past a jb4. Thanks guy's.
  6. Excellent results ASRman thank you. Definitely the way to go once tuned and worth every cent by the sounds of it 👍
  7. Jon R306

    How old are we all?

    49.5 😆 and still R mad ☺
  8. Jon R306

    New AliExpress paddleshifters

    Thanks Dave these look awesome 😎👍
  9. Jon R306

    New AliExpress paddleshifters

    any links please Dave 👍 were they the racing line type or the same as you had previously?? Great price
  10. Jon R306

    Reverting Res delete

    Yes it should come with the res delete.
  11. Jon R306

    Reverting Res delete

    If it’s a manufactured good res delete purposely made reversible it should be a piece of cake to remove back to stock. if it’s a cheap weld in pipe at your local exhaust shop then difficult to reverse back to stock. ebay £50 res delete is reversible and an easy fit.
  12. Jon R306

    Kerbed alloys

    I have diamond cut alloys and I’m going with a referb to bright silver powder coating paint . even if you referb the Spielbergs they will still eventually corode with white worm 🐛 to start. Feel you’re pain bud 👍
  13. Jon R306

    What did you do to your R today?

    I did indeed greg 👍😁 first job although the ride even with the non DCC suspension felt comfortable after a an hour of driving a mk3 focus Rs 😳🤬
  14. I’d wait a while as you’re decat pipe will get sooted up and may change in resonance more to your liking. I have a res delete and that changed after getting sooted up. It sounds better after a few thousand miles.
  15. Jon R306

    What did you do to your R today?

    My R arrived with 52psi all round 😳 so they don’t reduce from shipping probably.🤬 so much for PDI 🤔