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  1. Exactly 👍 One of My local Tyre fitting/suppliers were Taken a back when I answered his statement of “ we’ve a load of excellent winters just come in at £30 fitted for your size “ 🤔🤨 I wouldn’t have those fitted if they were free and My conti 5 on 5mm will do a better job thanks. They were half budget god knows who I’d never heard of , all at 3-4mm and they were selling like hot cakes. Major RTA waiting to happen as some unsespecting customers will think they have all the grip in the world now and ready for winter 🤨 Theyre leathal in the wrong situation especially come summer time when these customers are running them to the legal limit. but then again 90% of them couldn’t care less until there hedge bound backwards..these tyres should be destroyed in the country of origin but the good old Brits love um 😳
  2. Probably why we’re seeing a wave of half worn winter tyres coming through in the uk as regular part worn A grade.
  3. rubish 😂 She would love them with oak boards on top making a stylish coffee table or even smoked glass 🤔🤣
  4. An insulated microfiber bag would be excellent for cold garage &shed storage or bring them in the house coffee table style like a mate of mine has in his flat.😳😊
  5. No worries bud. The R is fantastic VFM in performance cars and hard to match for its all weather ability and do everything well nature. so pound for pounds it’s at the top of its game in VFM terms.👍
  6. Thanks bud yes VFM is paramount in cars . Luckily I only lost 2k in a year on the Diesel S and 12k over 2 years on the Turbo and covered 42 k miles between them. When the Mac’s were first out on sale they held they’re money better than anything else on the market. I lost the same amount on an R if I’d kept it to near 3 years and similar mileage 🤗even with A healthy discount so excellent VFM if you buy at the right time. And Porsche didn’t discount so it was retail and wait for it 😬🙄
  7. Haha.. alas not anymore these days bud.😬 I’ve been lucky enough to of driven all the later models and they are amazing. I always wanted to own a Porsche Turbo from a lad and set My sights on a brand new one but only managed a Turbo Macan because of a cross between family commitments and the love of all things 4wd. Back in 2014 I took delivery of a good spec Macan S Diesel while A deposit was down on a 15 plate Mac Turbo with near all options ticked 🤭🤗 she was a blast and had only one mod a cobb ecu tunning device that released 150+hp so was a real blast for a medium SUV. I was later offered a 62 plate Turbo S 991 straight swop for it by My dealership but the wife swayed the decision towards the family SUV and I only regret it slightly 🤔🤭😳 They are a fantastic product and I’d have one again over any other marq because of the sheer VFM.
  8. Thanks Ian 👍 yes quite a bit of feet up now in between hobbies so it’s going great and enjoying the retirement as much as possible. Glad you’re well and busy and I’m glad you’re on your hols soon after all your hard work. Enjoy bud 🤗 you’ve earned it 🏄‍♂️🏝⛱
  9. Gosh My Porsche dealer charges £60 twice a year and free storage and they swop them over for you in the price so £120 per annum. but you have to outlay a substantial amount buying one 😉🤨
  10. hi bud.. I know they may take up room but the way you’re stacking them is the best way to preserve them. If Just tyres then a rack vertically is better as there’s no added wheel weight to deform the tyres but for wheels with tyres fitted the advice I’ve read by the experts and tyre producers is stack them as your doing already. hope you’re well and busy bud 👍
  11. Many thanks mate. I may take you up on that as Our daughter is now resident in Liverpool full time and we thought after seeing her one week next year we may take a road trip up to the lovely Scotland but not when the midges are about 🤬 Hopefully we’ll pop in to see you for beans on toast on our way 👍 don’t worry I’ll cook um 😶🤣 Top man 👍
  12. 😂🤣 no worries bud. My other rims I sold to Dave Madspurs were fitted F1 style here at home as he was passing on his annual trip into wales on a road trip. 😊 so getting them on for you would of been a pleasure bud. and My coffee ☕️ ☕️ ‘S are free as well 👍 no worries 😉
  13. No it won’t flag anything I switched mine off twice on my 17 R for service time. You can either remove it or switch it off as it’s easily hidden in the small cubby below the steering wheel.
  14. And don’t forget to mention this forum for a discount I paid £189 for the pedal box plus.
  15. No worries OP. The pedal box fits on the end of the accelerator pedal electronics to enable a torque request a lot earlier than is programmed via the ECU or such (I’m no tech) but it works a treat and gives the DSG a shake up a bit in My experience. Not as much as a TCU map but it engages quickly with the device. missing mine a lot.
  16. These scumbags should be smashed to bits like the business they’ve just devastated and some poor persons R. More crims and less police is compounding this epidemic 🥵. its really sickening. We feel for all involved by these total idiots.
  17. Neil this is how they are stored at the moment bud and they have 5mm foam between them horizontally stacked as they are rim and tyre. The foam I’ve included in the packaging for you 👍 My daughters winter tyres off the rim I store in a home made tyre rack off the ground. find a corner and stack is perfect for your new rims and tyres bud 👍 a cool dark spot and a gentle soapy wash and rinse before storage is all they need. As recommended by My local Porsche dealers.
  18. My 7 speed 2015 Tiguan does it and My 7speed R did it. It’s like it’s a slipping clutch. A pedal box fixes it I had one on My R and looking to fit one on the Tiguan if a remap doesn’t fix the terrible throttle all VW fly by wire have 🤬
  19. My pleasure Neil.👍 The Hock and Winter contacts are an awesome setup and give amazing feel with the wider track and offset so you’ll be made up, and the extra comfort will surprise , but you’ll find no downsides as the grip and handling is beyond any other winter I’ve tried and they suit the R’s character perfectly. The added thought of protecting those prets for the warmer days will be reassuring indeed. Theyre getting boxed up as I type and off to you in the morning for you to enjoy 😊 Many thanks Neil Jon
  20. Looks like one lucky member has snapped them up last night and a jolly nice guy he is too . Nice xmas present to himself 😎 No names mentioned Ill let him get some pics up on here and hopefully in the snow 👌
  21. Yes hopefully some owners will see the value in a winter wheel and tyre swop like we do bud. Its very reassuring feeling the difference in grip on these cold mornings. They are too low profile for My Tiguan or they’d be on there now 😐
  22. Looking great Daz . Nothing like being prepared for a trip out to have some fun in the snow. After many many winters out in the snow luckily I haven’t experienced any dings while equipped with winter tyres especially the 850p on My R they’re fanominal 😊 just fun fun fun.
  23. Excellent post thanks and kind of a shocking event for everyone involved I bet. It’s a shame summer biast all season tyres aren’t made legal in our milder temperature countries to account for the incompetence some drivers show on these rare events especially HGV’s.
  24. Fully agree on that it’s sickening. I worry whenever I park up somewhere that when we get back it’s either missing or some scrote is looking to jack your keys or worse. Gap is dirt cheap with ALA I’ve been fully covered full money back for four years at £300 so piece of mind indeed 😊
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