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  1. From all the various websites I'd been keeping an eye on the price was very good. I'd seen a few I liked the look of similar spec but with roughly 30k on the clock selling for about 25k. I paid a little over 25k for her
  2. Yours looks a beauty mate with the pano roof as well! Just noticed you got black wing mirrors as well, have they been wrapped?
  3. Thank you everyone for the kind messages. I'm over the moon with the R. Soon as i spotted the advert and saw the colour I fell in love! The black alloys then just finish it off. I have to admit though i was pleasantly surprised to find one with so little miles on it. I was religiously looking at different websites and managed to snap this one up pretty much as soon as it became available
  4. Thanks 😁 soon as I saw that colour with the black alloys I fell in love!
  5. Thanks mate. I was really surprised I found one with such low miles. Proper chuffed. Car is completely standard. I do think I'll do some mods at some point to give it a bit more noise
  6. So yesterday I picked up my new Golf R. The car is absolutely spotless. Its a 67 plate registered in December 2017. One owner, full VW service history with only 9k miles on the clock. Its fully loaded with all sorts of extra packs. Needless to say I'm very happy with her!
  7. Hello 😁 nice looking spec on your car! Bet she goes well!
  8. Thanks for the heads up and the info I think most of my list contains BH products now. I used a BH snow foam product and wax years ago and was really impressed by them I do like a good smelling product makes it. I remember using wheel cleaner before and I swear it smelt like a rotten turd haha
  9. Thanks Booth! I'll watch a few youtube videos of the DAS 6 Pro to get an idea of what it's like looks really good value as well. I'll be taking lots of pictures before and after for sure! I've missed everything about owning a nice car even down to the cleaning
  10. Thank you so much! Really useful information there! Those horror stories are basically the ones I've heard in the past which completely put me off. I don't mind polishing by hand but my god does it take a lot out of you. I think i need to start looking in to the machine polishing option again as it would make my life so much easier. Is there such a product as a machine polisher for beginners? I've got misses car i can test on LOL! Can you also wax a car with a machine polisher? I'll have a look in to the other waxes you mentioned as I would preferably want something that's a bit easier to spread. Thank you for the links I think my initial purchases will be quite expensive which is usually the case and then just add to it and try other things over time.
  11. Thank you all very much for your detailed inputs! I haven't purchased any of the products so far, just getting a list together so I can see the state of the paint work first @Clarkie48 @Booth11I have no experience with using a machine polisher so unfortunately i'll be doing everything by hand which I know is quite a tire sum job but worth it. Are machine polishers difficult to use? When I looked them up a few years ago I kept reading things about how careful you need to be with them? In terms of the wheel protection i'd rather it be a wheels on job just to make my life a little easier . Funny you mentioned the WoWo mitt as when I went to their website after posting on here I couldn't find the item! @PenguinI haven't actually used Collinite 845 before just heard it's very good. The poor finish and application you mentioned is a little concerning especially since i'm doing it all by hand. I'll definitely look in to the products you mentioned @NJS Thanks for the mitt recommendation I'll check that one out as the one I mentioned doesn't seem to be available anywhere. I've got an old book cupboard in my garage in preparation for the products haha Is there a preferred website to use to buy cleaning products from? I'm hoping to be able to get the bulk of the products from one website to save on postage
  12. So with all going well i'll be picking up my new Golf R this Saturday (very excited!) and in preparation i'm trying to put together a list of items i'll need to was/detail the car. The colour of the Golf is Indium Alloys are Black So far my list looks like the following - Pre Wash – Bilt Hamber Auto Foam Alloys – Bilt Hamber Auto Wheels Shampoo - Meguiars Gold Class Bodywork – Bilt Hamber Korrosol Polish? Wax - Collinite No. 845 - Insulator Wax Alloy protection? Drying towels - Gyeon Silk Dryer towels Wash Mitt - Wo-Wo lambswool I'm currently missing a good car polish and some kind of alloy protection product. Does anyone have any recommendations on a good polish and alloy protection? Also feel free to modify my list with another product that you feel will work better or add anything that may also be beneficial. It's been a long long time since i last did any detailing so i'm a little out of the loop haha Thanks Huw
  13. Where abouts in Wales you from? 😁
  14. Thanks Booth, that clears that up! I started questioning myself when I could find the section 😂
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