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  1. PAW

    New 7.5 Owner

    Welcome aboard sounds a great spec car hope you enjoy it 👍
  2. Hi mate yes I am very happy with it thank you, I would like to get it mapped at somepoint and the dsg map been looking at the mountune52 map when funds allow. I'm guessing I would really need the induction or airbox done at the same time to get it running best? Plus would like to change the wheels for the Spielberg wheels I believe they are again when I can afford it.
  3. Loving it cheers mate find its so easy to drive steady don't feel the need to blast everywhere, mind you family usually end up in the car with me so I'm sure when i get to go out on my own will switch mode to race for a bit of fun 😁👍
  4. Thats great thank you for the info. So means everything still works the same as standard car but with bigger smiles 😁👍
  5. Was wondering if you get the car and dsg box remapped does it mean the modes don't work and you are just on remap all the time? Or do the modes still work?
  6. Thank you everyone. Well had the car a couple days now and loving it. It takes some getting used to the dsg but so easy to drive now and the modes make more difference than I thought they would.
  7. PAW

    Hi All

    Welcome Gus I've just joined myself and found the same. Dealers saying they would get back to you or email and get nothing been and seen a couple now and finally put deposit down on one should be picking up today or tomorrow. Hang in there mate after the test drive I've had seems a great fun car will be worth your wait 👍
  8. Hi mate thank you, yes loved my rs too but felt underpowered as standard had it mapped by colins performance and air filter and exhaust much better. Even on the test drive could feel the r was in a different league for acceleration 👍 looking forward to picking it up.
  9. Thank you for the welcome and thanks for the dsg advice. When i get the car I'm sure there will be a few questions. Have a great day 👍
  10. Hi all put a deposit down on the R weekend and collecting Thursday. Looking forward to finding out more and getting involved in the club. I'm from the South West and have owned a few performance cars including mk2 focus rs and a subaru impreza sti but must admit never owned an auto/dsg or vw so all new to me so expect some questions 😁👍.
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