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  1. Thanks for that. I think ecp sell ate aswell What is TPS?
  2. My car is due new front brakes and was wondering who the standard brakes are made by as there seems to be quite a selection on euro car parts. Are they oem brembo pads? I’d like to replace with oe as they have lasted brilliantly Are the discs Zimmerman? Not completely sure they need replacing but big discount on ecp this weekend!
  3. I was told this week that I should go for sintered rather than organic as organic wouldnt stand up to stage 2 if I ever wanted to go there? My concern is fitting either the sintered or organic will turn my clutch into an off on juddery switch! My standard clutch has lasted 43k and only slips if I’m nailing it, which let’s be honest isn’t possible that much if you drive in peak rush hours most of the time. Does the standard clutch stand up to mapping stage 1? 2015 manual r
  4. I’m also in Northampton and looking at exactly the same decision! Have visited both vrs and Northampton motorsport in the past and good vibes from both There seems to be preference for apr over Revo in terms of peak figures but maybe drivability with Revo I’ve driven a Revo r before and was very impressed, laggier certainly but still felt responsive Is apr the same?
  5. jaysagood

    Evening all

    Hi all Long time lurker in here, but as I didn’t own the car I couldn’t modify! I will be buying my 15 golf r in the next few weeks as I still think it’s very hard to surpass for the money. It’s the longest I’ve ever kept a car and that says a lot having owned various fast cars previously Looking forward to finding out more about them and the best mods to make it better now it’s mine Ta
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