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  1. My reading is that VW residuals will take a hit so the cost of a lease will increase to cover the additional loss on resale.
  2. The BW 7/9 car I ordered but cancelled has gone straight from stage 3 to stage 5 since yesterday.
  3. For the record, I'm not taking delivery of this car though it will be built. I'm not sure if it shoukd be removed from the totals or not so I'll leave that for you to decide.
  4. I can point you in the direction of a 3 door Lapiz being built early September but it is manual so unlikely to be for you.
  5. Dealer is being great about the situation. It was my choice to let it go because it is in the North of Scotland and lying from October to March does not appeal to me. I can reorder and have a car delivered to them (hopefully) in Jan/ Feb so it won't be sitting around too long. I already have my one way flights booked for a 1st March collection. It is not a big issue for me.
  6. Well my week 37 car is now available to you, or anyone else, but it is not to your spec. It is being built too early for me and the dealer will now take it to sell to someone else.
  7. Maybe, but I got used to PDK PDQ and that had had normal, sport and sport plus modes. The fact that DCT is less intuative was a big factor in my decision making.
  8. Have you checked the tracker for build date as my email said 14/9 but tracker says 7/9, as has at least one other poster?
  9. I've come from a manual 987 Boxster to a PDK 991 Boxster S and much preferred the PDK so I ordered a DSG R without a test drive. Following a test drive I changed my order to a manual as I felt the DSG was not as good as the PDK. In DSG the car felt bogged down in D and while in S it was often in a different gear than I would select myself (e.g. approaching corners and going downhill). When in auto in PDK you could use the paddles and it would revert to auto after a set time whereas in DSG you had to select auto again using the right paddle or the stick. So with PDK you could use the paddles to drop down for an overtake and there was no need to do anything else once the overtake was complete.
  10. Today I received my stage 3 for build week 38 having placed the order on 7th July. Problem is that I don't want or need the car until 1st March. As I'm not going to have a car sitting around for the best part of 6 months the dealer is now liaising with VW UK about delaying it!
  11. Date Ordered - 07/07/2015 Date Order Amended - 29/7/2015 Order Amended for what reason: Changed from Pure White 5 door DSG to Lapiz Blue 3 door manual. Original BW - Sitting at Stage 2 Date Collected - aiming for March 1st March 2016 Gearbox - Manual Doors - 3 Paint - Lapiz Blue
  12. Indeed, but it replaces a car I sold in August last year! I have other cars so it is no hardship.
  13. I'm sure I will enjoy it when I collect it on 1st March. R Forum has made good reading in the interim.
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