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  1. Hi Dave, Sorry only just noticed this, i have the 180's also, they feel fine on road when i cant be bothered to switch them off again after a track day, even in the wet they have grip unless its extremely wet!
  2. I have 18" TD 1.2's just for track days with NS2R rubber on them, they are a big improvement over stock purely for the firmer sidewalls and not having to worry about your day to day driving requirement on the track day. although I find the NS2R tyres go off and over heat quite quickly
  3. Hey Guys, anyone at Donnington Park on12th March? I'm there for my first track day in my R
  4. Welcome! im also just along the coast in Eastbourne, I only collected mine on new years eve =)
  5. Mine was delivered to the dealer last week, I asked about it and they gave me the £1250 contribution in addition to all my previously negotiated discounts. I collect it tomorrow
  6. I have today arranged collection, will be collecting it on New Years Eve! I cant wait =)
  7. Steve7R

    Hey all!

    Thanks mate! I'm getting mega excited now, it's maybe a week away now! Not been anywhere as long as yours but long enough!
  8. Steve7R

    Hey all!

    Well it's been 10 weeks since order and my car is sat at the dealers awaiting registration etc!!
  9. You and me both! I cant wait to receive my 7R and have fun in my new toy!
  10. I have a hatch, it was completed build last week, but I was told the boat hadn't left Germany yesterday Yourself?
  11. Yours will probably be on the same boat as mine, my dealer is saying I may get it between Xmas and New year but I think just after new year now.
  12. Got 5a This Morning! car is in transit! Ordered 15/10 Getting excited now
  13. Its a lovely Golf seems a little odd that they didn't track it up a little more though?
  14. Cheaper, lighter and apparently as quick as the Golf R http://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-germancars/volkswagen-golf-gti-clubsport-driven/33335
  15. Build week confirmed this morning as week 50 so w/c 07/12 woooo
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