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  1. Check what happens when you change where you park your car. If mines parked on the road/street it reduces it by about £200-250 compared to parking it on the drive, and about £500 compared to parking it in the garage See if you can add any additional drivers with a lot of driving experience, parents, uncles, etc... Try playing with your voluntary excess. My excess is £1.3k but I've 'insured' by excess with https://www.questor-insurance.co.uk/private-excess-protection-insurance.aspx cost about £70-80 to insure my excess if I recall correctly, and it reduced my car insurance by about £150-200 Lastly, see if your insurance provides a discount if you get a dash cam fitted. Mine don't but I know some people who've managed to knock at least the price of the dash cam off
  2. Yeah, hopefully! It’s crazy how easy you can make a hatchback these days Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Little update. Fitted 18" Neuspeed RSE10 with worn Bridgestone Potenza S100's and got these Dragy times, best out of 3 runs. 10.81s - 1/4 mile 6.86s - 100-200km/h 3.03s - 0-60mph Extremely pleased with them, they were done with full weight and half a tank of fuel. Little less fuel, some octane booster and dialing in tyre pressures should get me into the 2s 0-60 and 10.7s on 1/4 mile!! For reference, the 19" ATS Racelight wheels I usually run with are about 9.9kg. The Neuspeeds are 8.6kg, so a 1.3kg difference has resulted in 0.22s on 1/4 mile and 0.19s on 100-200km/h. These runs were done on the same road, with similar weather conditions. Also worth noting the tyres on the Neuspeeds (Bridgestone's) are not as highly rated/regarded as the PS4S' on the ATS Racelights, so maybe with some better tyres I'd see even better times... See Dragy photos on this post:
  4. Yeah painfully close [emoji24]just need to find a road with a tiny bit more gradient, and I’m picking up some lightweight 18” wheels this weekend, which should get me there [emoji1305] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yeah, got it a couple weeks ago, I'm still figuring out which points are best to shift but so far I've had 3.04s 0-60, 7.05s 100-200, 11.03s 1/4
  6. I would stick with what's tried and tested, just get an uprated IC and replace the standard one. Forge, Airtec, Wagner, APR, all good options, a lot of people claim Wagner is the best, but unless you're going Stage 3 I doubt it makes too much difference
  7. I haven't done it, but it is a straight swap. Just two screws on the top of the grille and it pulls out
  8. @bask04 I'm not too sure to be honest, I'm not a mechanic or a tuner unfortunately. However, when I've spoken to people who've had clutch slipping issues with the DSG, it almost always seems to be a result of the tune. I know plenty of people who have used a particular tuner, experienced clutch slip, then switched to a different one and not had any issues. In regards to the fuel pump, I'm pretty sure you are on the verge of what the stock HPFP can handle. You're best asking your tuner this question though, they should be able to explain whether you need an HPFP or not Also, every tuner is different. When I was going Stage 3, I was told by one tuner that I need a LPFP and a HPFP to achieve 500bhp, one tuner said I didn't need any, and the one I chose said I just needed a HPFP. I guess they tune cars in slightly different ways, which changes what is needed slightly.
  9. @johnson I'm not sure to be honest, he's very active on Instagram though, so should get back to you
  10. Thanks Phil! I had never done anything like a turbo swap before, so I was expecting it to be quite challenging but honestly it was quite easy. Just a bit fiddly and time consuming, took two of us about 8 hours on the drive. The only really 'hard' part is removing the rear and lower coolant/oil line, they're just a bit tricky to remove as there's so little space to get tools in, the other two lines on front and top are dead easy to remove (to do the lower one we had about 5 extensions stuck together reaching in through a tiny hole in the subframe haha) I'm with Admiral surprisingly, it was about £500 extra to declare all the mods in total
  11. @johnson If you message @kris_7.5r on Instagram I think he's selling a brand new V4
  12. I had one in almost the exact same spot and the garage repaired it
  13. Hahaha, I can confirm there are no coilovers for sale in the Classifieds currently
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