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  1. Kieran

    Kieran's Stage 3 7R (524PS/671NM)

    @bask04 I'm not too sure to be honest, I'm not a mechanic or a tuner unfortunately. However, when I've spoken to people who've had clutch slipping issues with the DSG, it almost always seems to be a result of the tune. I know plenty of people who have used a particular tuner, experienced clutch slip, then switched to a different one and not had any issues. In regards to the fuel pump, I'm pretty sure you are on the verge of what the stock HPFP can handle. You're best asking your tuner this question though, they should be able to explain whether you need an HPFP or not Also, every tuner is different. When I was going Stage 3, I was told by one tuner that I need a LPFP and a HPFP to achieve 500bhp, one tuner said I didn't need any, and the one I chose said I just needed a HPFP. I guess they tune cars in slightly different ways, which changes what is needed slightly.
  2. Kieran

    Kieran's Stage 3 7R (524PS/671NM)

    @johnson I'm not sure to be honest, he's very active on Instagram though, so should get back to you
  3. Kieran

    Kieran's Stage 3 7R (524PS/671NM)

    Thanks Phil! I had never done anything like a turbo swap before, so I was expecting it to be quite challenging but honestly it was quite easy. Just a bit fiddly and time consuming, took two of us about 8 hours on the drive. The only really 'hard' part is removing the rear and lower coolant/oil line, they're just a bit tricky to remove as there's so little space to get tools in, the other two lines on front and top are dead easy to remove (to do the lower one we had about 5 extensions stuck together reaching in through a tiny hole in the subframe haha) I'm with Admiral surprisingly, it was about £500 extra to declare all the mods in total
  4. Kieran

    Kieran's Stage 3 7R (524PS/671NM)

    @johnson If you message @kris_7.5r on Instagram I think he's selling a brand new V4
  5. Kieran

    Is this repairable?

    I had one in almost the exact same spot and the garage repaired it
  6. Hahaha, I can confirm there are no coilovers for sale in the Classifieds currently
  7. Kieran

    Resonator Delete

    In Bolton, and it is clamped, I think he now includes an extra clamp (may be a little extra for this) for the stock resonator in case you wish to switch back in the future too
  8. Kieran

    Resonator Delete

    I would recommend Shak from the Golf R Facebook pages. I had a res delete fitted by him and so have many others, very well respected by members on the Facebook pages. His are around £90 I believe, and they don't have a kink in like the Zaustworx one https://www.facebook.com/messages/t/shakster/
  9. Wow! I wonder what it would be like with just the rear LSD? [emoji848] Any idea of pricing? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Kieran

    dealership messed up on service!!

    Wow! That is disgraceful, I wouldn’t want the car anymore if it were mine [emoji35] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I believe you have to have a certain amount of posts to see it, pretty sure you have to have made 25 posts https://www.vwroc.com/forums/guidelines/
  12. Kieran

    Turbo blanket/ wrap/heat shield

    This is a good video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrFeaNGDnOk If I recall correctly, the idea is that it prevents heat soak in the engine bay, and the turbo warms up faster which allows it to spool quicker. It does make a difference to engine bay temperatures though, you could physically feel that my engine bay was cooler after installing it
  13. Kieran

    Turbo blanket/ wrap/heat shield

    I had one when I had stock turbo, pain to fit, and when I went Stage 3 the tuner said not to bother with one on the new turbo Don't have any pictures of it fitted though unfortunately