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  1. Enjoy stage 1, lots of extra cash to go stage 2, only worth it if you want to take it on a track, well just my opinion for what it's worth 🥳 Daz B
  2. Whitburn north east 👍 Cheers Daz B
  3. @Mark@sasmobile what's your location as I'm interested in getting his fitted? Cheers Daz B
  4. This is why I went L380x 👍 would love 450 480 power, but take a chance with the many changes needed, I just wanted a fast reliable car, that I have 🙏 all that being said I hope you get it all sorted sooner rather than later, and I'm sure you will be well chuffed thereafter 👍 I'm keeping an eye on this one Daz B
  5. Looking good 👍got the 80mm scorpion paired to the BCS 200 cat and boy did it wake up the car 😁 You will be made up with the stage 1 tune 🥳 Daz B
  6. Back in uk next week will get this ordered 🥳 Thanks again 👍
  7. I would get the ECU & TCU done at the same place, then you get the TCU dialed in to match the ECU tune, one stop shop any issues, closer to home the better, just my 2 pence 👍 Daz B
  8. Car peaks at 1.8 bar 🥳 no need for HPFP at my power level 💪
  9. Getting the revo hard pipe kit fitted, scorpion catback and MST intake, then I think ill go down to see Rick for a tweak 🥳 see what he thinks about the pedal box 👍 Cheers Daz B
  10. You think it's worth getting the pedal box unicorn dsg tcu L380x? I'm not sure if it's lag or its just poor off the line, sometimes if you feather the throttle correct it goes, but not as often as I would like 🤣 Cheers Daz B
  11. Thanks for the info 👍 can always do the screw mod if need be, don't think I'll touch it unless I have to 🤪👍 Cheers Daz B
  12. MST intake Any benefit over the pikey r600 mod? Was thinking of giving it a go if only marginal gains as every little helps, I already have a BMS inlet pipe and a Forge intake pipe, AFE filter, I'm getting the revo Iintercooler pipe work fitted, so intake is the only part I've not changed, tempted between MST and Forge cold air 🤪 Cheers Daz B
  13. I have the L380x and that's rapid, so can only imagine what the L450 is like after 4k 🥳 wanted to stay just over the 400bhp mark as ive ruined past cars with adding 2 much power 🤣 I think the 433/399 for a raod car is quick enough for me, at my age anyway 😎 Cheers 👍 Daz B
  14. Thanks I've watched the video in the past, it is a worry with my driving style when having a run out over the Yorkshire Moores 😎 Daz B
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