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  1. "The Boy Riley"....excellent photos and tips re the clips, thank you. I had fitted the front camera two months ago but there was no info on the best way to remove the panels at the hatch. Rear camera now fitted.
  2. Martdy.....the obvious question...which dealer was it, we need to know the good ones?
  3. Have had same conversation with my dealer re the gauze filter.....Haldex oil changed ONLY. Dealer tells me that there is no scheduled maintenance regarding any filters. I contacted VW UK Customer Services and received this reply..."Thank you for contacting Volkswagen UK. Please accept my apologies for the delay in my response. After liaising with our Technical Department I can confirm that the recommended Haldex oil change is every 3 years, this service consists of an oil change only. There are no recommendations to change or clean the internal gauze filter during this service. Thank you for contacting Volkswagen UK and I hope this information proves to be of use. Kind regards" So, it seems that VW believe that the gauze filter will never clog up. I would suggest that their official reply makes them liable for any problems caused to the pump if the filter is found to be blocked?
  4. All fixed...dropped car off at 8.15am and it was ready by 2pm. The reassembly of the DSG console has been done perfectly and the car is back to normal.
  5. My R is with the dealer tomorrow for the warranty DSG shifter replacement. An all day job. The past few days has seen the 'error' message come on every time I start the car. I will report back on the result of the new parts.
  6. Hi Ninja geezer I have the same fault which requires a new DSG shifter etc. under warranty. My concern is how well everything goes back together inside the car. Are you happy with the job done on yours?
  7. Guessing you mean the three year warranty....well worth seeking good will via dealer or VW Customer Services UK as this is very clearly a known issue. If you are able to remove the under tray (tricky without ramps or hoist) it is easy to spot a leak from the water pump/thermostat housing as coolant leaves a white residue on the pipes below. The photos are my leak after the replacement....the residue trail was wiped but it left these marks. You might see leakage on the under tray too.
  8. I had an excellent response and resolution using the VW UK Customer Care line 0800 0833 914. They gave a prompt intervention directly to the dealer and then updated as to progress of my complaint.
  9. Hi LouCyffer, any more info on modified part. Had my thermostat housing & water pump replaced under warranty last month. No mention of it being modified. The problem appears to lie with the plastic body of the thermostat and the inevitable lower fixing torques. My new one still has a plastic body.
  10. This is a known design fault and has been present across the VAG group, for this engine block, for several years. Loads of evidence on this forum, the Skoda forums and the Audi forums. Your case for goodwill is strong so don't let them brush you off.
  11. Customer Care managed to hurry up the warranty decision but the admin protocol required the dealer to order the gasket so that the records showed it to be unavailable....only then would the Warranty dept authorise the use of the gasket from the water pump! If Customer Care had not stepped in, the warranty authorisation request would still be in a queue waiting to be dealt with. Dealer told to complete the repair. AT 4.30pm today dealer rang to tell me car is all done but they want to keep it overnight to ensure the replacement coolant is completely bled through....so should get it back in the morning. Three days for a four hour job!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. According to VW...these coolant leaks could be the thermostat housing and/or the water pump. My car is in the dealer, as I type this, for said coolant leak. The strip down identified the leak as the thermostat housing...luckily only two years old so warranty covered. Picking it up in the morning hopefully.
  13. Monday 16th. So, car into workshop at 8am with both possible parts in stock so either, or both, could be replaced. 4.30pm I receive a call to tell me that the coolant leak is from the thermostat housing.......however, the thermostat they have does not have a gasket so the part can not be fitted until a gasket is ordered...the gasket is also a Back Order part!! BUT, I am told that the water pump, that is in stock, has the same gasket. Good news I say...so have they used it and is the car ready? Bad news, they can't use the water pump gasket without authority from the Warranty department as the water pump is not being replaced. They are still awaiting the reply for Warranty so car will not be ready today. I telephoned VW Customer Care who agreed with me that it seemed odd/illogical that the dealer did not just use the water pump gasket and worry about Warranty and sourcing another gasket later. Customer care are now trying to hurry up the Warranty decision so that the work can be completed first thing tomorrow.
  14. I have a 2016 R with 24k miles. Past few weeks noticed a smell of hot coolant when garaging after drive. No evidence of leak on garage floor but coolant reservoir was almost at the 'low' level line. Topped up and monitored. Booked in to dealer for a visual check of the underneath engine parts. The attached photo shows the traces of dried coolant from the area of the thermostat housing. Without a strip down impossible to determine whether water pump and/or thermostat. Booked in for 16th April when a full diagnosis will be made and whatever is leaking will be replaced under warranty. I will update with result of the work done.
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