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  1. VWR Springs

    The OP suggested that they were available through TPS! If I could get a part number I would go back to my local TPS and order them!
  2. VWR Springs

    I spoke to my local TPS this morning regarding a set of VWR springs for my R and was told that they can't get them! Does anyone know the part number these springs would be supplied under through TPS?
  3. Modified R in Northern Ireland

    I got a great price from AUTOLINE for my R even managed to beat the price my fiancee got me and she works for HUGHES Insurance!!
  4. Golf R loosing coolant

    So I have noticed over the past number of months that the coolant level has been dropping! I initially I put it down to an airlock in the system after VW replace the coolant due to a complaint I made of poor heat from the heater! But when having the oil changed yesterday by a local independent garage they reported a leak from the thermostat housing area! I contacted my local dealer to inquire if there would be any goodwill contribution available towards a repair, ! After a brief hold I was informed by the receptionist that she checked with the service manager and he informed her that there would be no goodwill contribution given from VW for this repair, even thought the car is just outside of warranty and has 28k miles on it! After a quick search on the internet it shows that this is a fairly common complaint so I fired off a tweet to VW customer services voicing my disappointment of the response I received! They responded later asking for my reg number and mileage and said they would look into for me! Now I wait!!
  5. Filler flap stuck shut

    This happened to mine just before the warranty expired. The dealer claimed it was an issue with the flap where the actuator locked into and the suggested repair from VW was to shave a little plastic off it! They did this but it didn't cure the problem! Eventually, a week after the warranty expired, the flap wouldn't open at all and the dealer had to replace the actual actuator!
  6. Ryan’s Tornado Red MK7 R

    Some nice spots down the peninsula for pictures!
  7. Ryan’s Tornado Red MK7 R

    I had the same problem when I had the red R, didn’t improve any when I got the white one! 🤣
  8. Ryan’s Tornado Red MK7 R

    Looks like they struggle to park properly! 😂
  9. Ryan’s Tornado Red MK7 R

    Looking good Ryan! 😎 Used to see the Audi around Ards, will have to keep an eye out for this! Health to drive!!
  10. What Warranty claims have you made?

    Rear screen replaced to rectify the DAB signal issue and a secondary issue of the top 2 lines of the heated screen not working! Apparently the 2 vertical lines on the rear screen are the aerials and they had been broken at the junctions of the top 2 heater lines! New sill trims replaced. Fuel filler flap still refusing to unlock intermittently! Rectified the heater issue myself, replaced the factory original Pollen filter with a new one and the heat has returned!!😎
  11. Running In

    I drove my first R sensibly for the first 1k miles then changed to oil and filter and enjoyed the next 17k miles before giving it back!
  12. First service cost

    Sorry to hear of your loss! I paid £150 for my first service at my local dealer!
  13. Which watch does a Golf R driver wear?

    Daily wear is a Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire or Apple Watch Weekend and special occassions a Tissot T Touch or an Omega
  14. Help Identifying Options on Golf R

    Both cars are LC9A Pure White!
  15. Handbrake recoding

    Does anyone know how to go about reprogramming the handbrake to get it to disengage without the need to clip the seatbelt in? I thought coding out the seatbelt warning might have done it but it hasn't!