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  1. If the noise was present before the springs were changed it could be the subframe moving on its mounts a tiny bit which is fairly normal on these cars 🤔
  2. https://www.ohlins.eu/en/products/automotive/vws-mp21--6177/
  3. MP20 is for the RS3 with 70nm rear springs and the MP21 kit is for a Golf with 50nm rear spring rate?
  4. They’re not huge cash in the grand scheme of things so why not just buy the correct set for your Golf? It would cost a hell of a lot more than the springs are worth in either your time or money to remove them and refit the correct kit if the car doesn’t sit/ride right.
  5. Given your proximity to Unicorn I suggest you go there for a remap, I drove for nearly four hours to use them and couldn’t be happier
  6. There’s really not much lag as standard on these engines but to reduce it a variable geometry turbo would help.
  7. Strange one, I listened to the video on Friday and still don’t have any suggestions, did you put the VWR elbow back on and did the clicking stop? I can’t see how they’d be related but hope you find the answer.
  8. I changed the heater matrix on my mk2 16v after I started getting puffs of steam that smelt of coolant through the vents 😂 It was reported to be an awful job but taking my time I had it all done in an afternoon on a nice day, although the mk7 are more complicated I’d do it again if need
  9. Shame.... I’d blame the K1200s
  10. As above, perhaps you need to get the gear box mapped because the torque limiter’s kicking In?
  11. The Clubsport S went pretty well around there and it’s discs and pads can be bought for sensible money.
  12. Where are you based? Always good to find someone local if possible
  13. It’s not the front assist warning is it? That would be a red warning on the dash combined with a beep? It flashes up if I leave it a bit late to brake in traffic or on occasion it gets confused and comes on randomly when filtering past a large vehicle 😂 If so either way it thinks your about to hit something.
  14. There’s personal loans available for around 2.9%.
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