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  1. Agreed, he’s very good and well worth a visit.
  2. I like a harsh engagement with a bit of judder 😉
  3. Do you want the noise of a dump valve or are you just looking to upgrade the standard diverter valve? GFB, Go Faster Bits, make very good ones.
  4. Bit late to the party but another vote here for gunmetal wheels on a DBP Golf 👍
  5. We used to get a lot of door to door selling like this when I was a kid, my old man hated it but my mum used to take pity and occasionally buy something out of their massive duffel bag, it didn’t sit well with me but we never had any trouble after they called. I was more concerned about the treatment of the kids involved and where the money went, it seemed like they were in a similar situation to some of the rose sellers you see wondering around the restaurants and bars in big cities 🤔
  6. I’ve made the 6 hour round trip to a Unicorn on a couple of occasions now and have always left happy. Well done, nice figures 👍
  7. The diverter valve on my Scirocco made the exact same noise after a remap which is why I suggested it, easy part to switch out and eliminate.
  8. Have a chat with Nigel at BCS, I reckon you could fit one of his 200cell sports cat down pipes and then have the O2 sensor coded out without having to go stage 2.
  9. “They” have closed all the police stations near me and likewise would not give a shit about a stolen scooter, f**k our Tory government.
  10. Sounds like a boost leak, likely from the diverter valve, if you haven’t changed the intercooler or any pipes.
  11. You sure you didn’t drop a lipstick on it?
  12. Yeah I’ve been following their journey, some might question their choice of vehicle and setup but they’re having fun and getting away with it 😋
  13. I can’t imagine that VW would be at all interested in looking at any failed component that’s out of warranty, you’d probably need to pay them for their time to inspect it 🙄
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