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  1. Maplesyrup

    Stage 2 without a balanced is38

    For what it’s worth if there’s any debris from the turbo it “should” be caught in the intercooler so it’s unlikely to get as far as the engine, the question then is if it did fail could you be without your car for a week or two whilst you source a new turbo and fit it? I think if I had a facelift car with a late revision turbo I’d take the risk but a balance or upgrade would buy peace of mind. My Scirocco was stage 2 with a stock turbo and was faultless but it’s a different turbo to the IS38.
  2. Maplesyrup

    VAG specialist in Wiltshire

    I work just up the road from Bath VW, know a few of the staff and don’t get any special treatment, but every time I’ve taken a car in for service or warranty work I’ve been very happy. The guys at Streetwise are really great, Tim’s picked my car up early morning and dropped it home on the way back home after work, there’s not many garages you get that service from. I’m happy to pay a bit extra on a service and use a main dealer to get a stamp in the book but would generally get any modifications or aftermarket work done at a specialist, if I can’t make time to do it myself. Im at a bit of a cross roads at the moment because I have restored and worked on cars and motorcycles my whole life as a hobby and really enjoy building engines and tuning them but with a modern car that I drive daily and a young daughter I tend to prefer to pay for any job that takes more than three or four hours .... Sorry gone off topic 🙁 I took the new all electric golf for a test drive on Friday 🤭
  3. Maplesyrup

    VAG specialist in Wiltshire

    I should add that VW in Bath have also been very good to me over the years and I’ve been going there since around 1994.
  4. Maplesyrup

    VAG specialist in Wiltshire

    Streetwise in Bristol are great but they’re about 25 miles from you I would think. http://www.streetwise-automotive.co.uk/
  5. Maplesyrup

    Prince Philip.

    My grandad never took a test, he was given a liscence by default when he became a copper, my old man turned up early for his motorcycle test in 1960, or there abouts, one of the staff told him that he was early and to ride around the block and return back in ten minutes, which he did and they said “congratulations you’ve passed”
  6. Maplesyrup

    Heated Seat Problem

    I’m pretty sure there’s a connection under the seat base for the heat element, easiest way to check it’s connected would be to unbolt the seat base and tilt the whole seat back, you’ll need an M10 spline bit but it takes no more than 5 minutes
  7. Maplesyrup

    Selling my Golf buyer wants to pay cash

    Good result, well done 🙂
  8. Maplesyrup

    Selling my Golf buyer wants to pay cash

    Just to echo what’s already been said if your worried go to the bank, obviously let the buyer know that’s what you want to do before they show up and have them pay the money into your account whilst you fill out the paperwork. I’ve taken nearly that amount in cash before now but the lad that bought the car off me had already test driven it and left a deposit a few days before hand so I had a good measure of him and I was sure he was straight, however I doubt he’d paid tax on the cash he gave me 🤔 I went to buy another car (Scirocco) with the cash a week or so later and the guy at the garage wouldn’t take it and instead sent me down the bank with his company account details, I did say at one point “So you’re a used car salesman and you won’t take cash off me?” 🙄
  9. Maplesyrup


    I don’t think you need much encouragement...
  10. Maplesyrup


    I love riding bikes but struggle with labels so like to think that I’m no more of a biker than a driver, walker, cyclist, dad, moron, skateboarder, whatever.... Ive currently got a GSXR K5 1000 and a Ducati Hypermotard SP and having had a lot of very fast bikes over the years I can tell you that the most fun I’ll ever have is on my Hypermotard, my 939 is up for sale and I have the new 950sp on order. Buy one!
  11. Maplesyrup

    Sad story, but am I missing something here?

    None of you know anything of this case, a young lad has been killed, leave it alone.
  12. Maplesyrup

    What do you dislike about your R?

    Good feedback! Thanks Charles 👍
  13. Maplesyrup

    New whistle sound on full throttle

    If you get to the point you’ve checked all the pipework and it’s still doing it perhaps remove your diverter valve and check the diaphragm, the diverter valve on my Scirocco leaked boost and whistled.
  14. Maplesyrup

    What do you dislike about your R?

    And that’s how it should be 🙂 How do you get on with the Amarok? I’ve fancied one ever since I sold my Defender and the lad I sold it to showed up in one.
  15. Maplesyrup

    What do you dislike about your R?

    What Ringy said.