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  1. ftr1873

    How common is the Golf R where you live?

    Quite popular by me in North Scotland, although I think I might notice them more as I have one! However, mine is a wagon which are much rarer, only seen about handful on my travels.
  2. ftr1873

    Can you upgrade estate boot light?

    The Philips bulb definitely fits the pre FL estate. As for light output, I’d say it is better than the standard bulb for brightness, wouldn’t necessarily say it’s twice as bright as it states in the specs, and definitely better in colour match with the rest of the interior lighting. I can see what is in the boot, although it’s a bit odd that VW didn’t put the lights actually in the boot as if you have the cover fitted the light isn’t of much use!
  3. ftr1873

    Can you upgrade estate boot light?

    I fitted one of these https://www.hids-direct.co.uk/philips-xtremevision-6000k-43mm-festoon-led-bulb/ , nice match to the rest of the lights in the car.
  4. ftr1873

    Seat covers???

    Been looking for front seat covers myself but difficult to get ones that fit. As for the ISOfix base, I do have this and has been good so far: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Diono-40241-Ultra-Mat-Black/dp/B00BFQ5BM0
  5. ftr1873

    Rear window shades

    I second that, just fitted a set the other day and seem very good. I did ask for another couple of clips and they sent out a full set, free of charge, on the same day. Pretty good customer service.