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  1. Hi, anybody have a lapis blue touch up stick they want to swap for my vw tornado red one?
  2. GTI / GTI PP / R

    We've just driven from the lakes along the a684 earlier today, must've just missed you!, very enjoyable drive ,one of my favourite roads. The R was fantastic and the exhaust has started to make a nice noise now, Dsg in manual mode is an enjoyable experience.
  3. 7.5 “pops and bangs”

    Very quiet on my dsg 7.5, no pops and bangs and hardly a dsg fart! Still less than 2000 miles though
  4. Hi, had a little scrape with the garage tonight, on the plastic bumper, can anybody recommend somebody to repair it, in or around the Scarborough area? Thanks
  5. Exhaust valves not opening?

    I've tried it every way I can think of but can't get it to make much noise. I may have got which were mucky wrong , couldn't remember, getting old!
  6. Hi, just washed the car and noticed that the inner exhausts were clean but the outers were filthy. It got me thinking as I thought the car has been very quiet from new, almost no dsg farts and no pops like other owners have had. Is it possible the valves in the exhaust aren't working, and is there a way to test this? I've had it with the engine in race, in individual mostly, it's a 7.5. thanks
  7. FL Lights

    Is it easy to adjust the FL lights higher?
  8. Battery SOC 7.5

    Ok good, thanks for the reply
  9. Battery SOC 7.5

    Is it ok to use a c-tek trickle charger? just worried about the electronics and stop start/battery, has anyone used one ok? Thanks
  10. Battery SOC 7.5

    Ok, thanks for the replies, so I can't see it as things stand then, I don't have obdeleven.
  11. Battery SOC 7.5

    Hi, I went to check the battery's state of charge using the trip computer but it's not there. Can you check the soc on the R 7.5? Thanks