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  1. looks nice dude! Love red & black combo.
  2. Have the Zaustworx res delete pipe and let him add an anti-drone piece like the BCS one. No drone at all :-) perfect
  3. Zaustworx on Ebay, I think it was about 85 £ to make it with an anti-drone piece on it.
  4. Got the 60 euro res delete, asked the guy to fit an anti-drone piece to it. Makes it a little more expensive but it is a great way to improve the sound. It is perfect now, as it should have come standard from factory. Pops and burbles.
  5. So you can order the Oettinger spoiler straight from factory? Damn, wish I knew
  6. You can change from miles to km and back in the infotainment system.
  7. Mine does not have the storage room under the seats either. Also last week of 2017 built. Also 5 door cloth.
  8. Same on my Lapiz Blue 7.5 R. Never seen a car with so many swirls. Even under the white foil of the piano black exterior parts.. Already polished once but swirls still remain so when the weather gets better it'll be back to polishing I guess
  9. Thanks mails were OK by my standards. Will be picking up 19th and asked to not wash the car too.
  10. Hope I get the P Zeros or Michelins then!
  11. This one is in Holland. Special dealer option. It is for sale now, only 75.000 euro. Looks great though! But not 75.000 euro great https://www.autoscout24.be/nl/aanbod/volkswagen-golf-r-2-0-tsi-4motion-310pk-benzine-grijs-d4a451c2-a012-45f7-a9ea-0622749fe71a?cldtidx=7
  12. Tempting! 😁 will try out the originals for a month and then decide. But the looks alone, it matches with the black trim around steering wheel.
  13. lol Are you having troubles with the small front windscreen and the mirror that is in the way? Saw it on a Youtube show-off of the F-type. Love the sound of that V6 😍
  14. ok thanks, will ask my dealer if they want to change the new whatever-tyres-are-on to Michelins, if possible will let you know..
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