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  1. So i’ve seen a few posts about decent suppliers of pressed plates, but does anyone have a link or know how the Pressed Plates are actually installed? Just bought a private reg and looking at different suppliers for plates but interested to know how these now fit as the old screw system seems to be a thing of the past.
  2. Haha thats the same as me! Used the super resin polish but then collinite wax and let it set for too long and couldnt get it off 😩 The darker colours like blue and black look so much nicer once polilshed and waxed. Doesnt seem to have such an impact on the lighter shades.
  3. What polish and wax did you use? Hand polish or machine. Looks glossy as!
  4. Bastards. Not like NZ to have petty crime like that considering how low your crime rates are over there!
  5. The 19” Pretoria Reps are on and really pleased with the quality from CMWheels. Hopefully give my car a once over at the weekend and post a picture once the Centre Cap Emblems are on.
  6. So what size tyres you putting on? is there anything else i can do to help at all? Tyres are new and just been shipped from denmark so would be a ball ache to take them off.
  7. Cheers mate.. what psi you reckon i should go too?
  8. So finally got the 19” pret reps from cmwheels fitted today. Pretty happy with them but can anyone advise if they look correct or if its just me been padantic. Not quite sure the tyre is the right fit for the alloy. Was advised for 235/35/19 but the tyre doesn’t quite look wide enough for the alloy and theres a little lip. Will this go as the tyres settle a bit more?
  9. Do the 65mm caps off ebay then definately not work? i asked for refund and cancelled my order however just measure the caps on the Pret Reps (blank black ones) and theyre 65mm
  10. Look good mate. What colour are they, hyper silver or gun metal? Cant really tell with the light thats on them.
  11. Do the reps come with caps then? or do you know the diameter required
  12. 😒 I've just purchased some 65mm caps on ebay aswell. Lets hope they fit.
  13. Does anyone have a link to the appropriate centre caps for the 19” Prets? Just made an order with CMWheels for the 19” Gun Metal Grey Prets & will need some caps to suit. Cheersp
  14. Yeah i got the poorboys wheel sealant, which is a pot of pink butter like paste. I cleaned them with autosol first to get them shiny again, and realised i could use this alloy sealant on them to prevent them getting so filthy and hopefully it will prevent the dirt from clinging to them! cheers mate, ill give an update in a couple of weeks on how the sealant is performing on the exhaust tips.
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