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  1. nothing wrong with a bit of council🙃
  2. the highly respected tuners that look after my car recommend the latest oem plugs and coil packs and i am stage 2 and there apr approved tuners just saying
  3. same as we have the mk 7 r and the gti get the r mate you wont regret it the gti is a great car but it does like to spin the wheels when pressing on especially on damps or wet roads. as others say the r just grips and goes, mines stage 2 but still no wheelspin😀
  4. got mine re-chromed for £80 at local platers look as good as new
  5. just had mine done at local platers £20 each they came out as new well pleased
  6. i have a scorpion sports dp i am at apr stage 2 took the car for a mot last week drove 1 mile to the garage from cold and it still passed emissions test easy.
  7. I'm in north herts if you want a spin in my stage 2 r drop me a message👍
  8. i was apr stage 1 with r600 and tt pipe with the bcs res delete also the apr dsg tune ran great made 394bhp when tuned by vrs when i went stage 2 with scorpion high flow DP and wagner IC its a different beast made 408bhp on the dyno so not much more but the way it drives now is epic that pops and crackles apr stage 2 map is awesome. try and get a drive in a stage 2 car and your get what us stage 2 guys are banging on about.😁
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