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  1. I agree, lots of posts here about regular servicing of the hadlex filter oil starvation to the the pump will cause premature failure
  2. is this a option on obdeleven ?
  3. +1 for @VRSNorthampton
  4. I have the r600 and res delete no problems passing emissions for me you could try a can of cataclean run that through and get it good and hot before you book it back in for retest
  5. you could try obdeleven and do a dsg reset
  6. I have recently fitted cctv the mrs has mk 7 gti and me a r both parked on the street so just waiting for the scumbags to try,I have however 3 dogs for early warning system😀 and 2 legal but very powerful air pistol and rifle which I wouldn't hesitate to use and some well placed baseball bats
  7. would a dsg reset using vds or obdeleven upset a apr high torque dsg map
  8. take the journey to vrs you wont regret it
  9. mines a 2014 r I have no problems at the moment but pushing 400bhp now and for piece of mind I want just do your last option, upgrade the internals and balance do you have a contact number for littco
  10. just to confirm you need the mdi cable with the green tag for full pass through of the signals
  11. mdi to apple or androids there both available I think the cables are colour coded I will nip out and check my colour
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