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  1. I went stage 1 and had the massive jump from stock but stage 2 is so different from 1 you don't get to much bhp over stage 1 but the way it drives is night and day . go stage 2 you wont regret it
  2. mate on mine with a cupra k2 had your symptoms swapped out coil packs and plugs always same cylinder no codes on obd eleven he ran some injector cleaner through it a week later no more misfire
  3. same happened to me £8.99 from amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B077YYV3F6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. @alexretro ask the man that knows
  5. intermittent misfire I have obdeleven shows no faults but I have driven it and there's a loss of power through the rev range it can wait 👍
  6. ok cant bring myself to put essential services under any more pressure if I have a accident she's quite happy to drive my stage 2 r 😨 bloody virus stay safe👍
  7. @Gavras thanks for the reply its a hard one to call she could use my r 😂 as I am furloughed at the moment but I could be recalled according to my company at any time. I wont use anyone but my preferred garage. bloody hard decision to make during these trying times god bless your wife and the nhs 🤞
  8. need some info I know car garages are open for repairs and such like but what if your preferred garage is a 70 mile round trip would that be breaking lockdown guidelines don't want to break the law. the wife's gti is not right and needs looking at. she's classed as essential worker not nhs or care but manufacturing any advice appreciated.
  9. you will love it..how much was the turbo if you don't mind me asking is it a exchange unit are you now stage 3 with that turbo😁
  10. when did I say they weren't stainless there are probably 409/410 grade stainless and then chromed I will be replacing the chrome
  11. tuono

    Fuel Prices.

    113 for Tesco's finest in Baldock superstore
  12. getting mine re-chromed at a local plating company £80 for all 4 haven't got them back yet due to the virus
  13. do a search for alexretrofit on Facebook he's got what you need
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