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  1. Quick update on this. Turns out my car already has a res-delete! Went in for a service and they mentioned it. I've really never noticed a drone, I thought my car was super quiet, it must be REALLY quiet with the resonator on there then! Think its nearly time for a cat back system!
  2. I've got the poverty spec head unit in my car as was standard on the 14 plate. I know Android Auto and Carplay was added to later models but is there a simple way to retrofit a newer unit into a mk7 without a load of messing about or is this one of those order up a ton of parts, recode and generally not worth it things? I'm spoiled, I have a 67 plate Transporter T6 with Android Auto which is awesome and now I want it in the car too!
  3. I think if they bring out the BRZ next year with the turbo thats rumoured, it'll be ~250hp and may well be tunable to 300 then it may well tick all the boxes! In the mean time (cos i dont fancy a 200hp BRZ or a 6 year older Cayman for the same money as my R), I will do a res delete, induction (boost pipe, elbow and maybe an induction kit) and see how that goes. Don't fancy laying out £1-2k for a cat back! The previous owner had the tyre pressures quite high and it make the backend a bit more lively, I posted on here and eventually i reduced the pressures and it sorted it out. I guess that may be why he did it, to liven it up a bit!
  4. You got it! Hatchbacks are just getting heavier and more powerful. Merc, Audi, BMW, VW all knocking out quite frankly ridiculous cars now, feels like a last hurrah before petrol is no more The Fiesta ST I drove was a right hoot but for straight line performance it was just "ok", guess it just comes down to having fun for yourself or "burning someone up". I guess most of the people who are thinking like me have sold their R's and arent on here to reply any more!
  5. doesn't the res delete also introduce a lot of cabin drone?
  6. So how do I get a bit more exhaust noise without it being crazy?
  7. Hertfordshire. I think anyone who has been around modified cars for a while understands that the rollers are all different and BHP figures are pretty meaningless anyway. If the guy thinks he's got/gonna get 430hp and he's happy, then let it be. I put my car on my own custom homemade (paint) rollers once and they go up to 1000hp and it completely destroyed them, bits of (paint) roller went everywhere, so I must be putting out more than 1000hp right?! Dare I say it, but the appeal of a BRZ/GT86 is quite strong, I can have more fun at a lower speed AND can keep my foot pressed hard on the loud pedal from one corner to the next without having to back off (cos its got no power). That said, its nice to blow the kids away on the dual carriageways! Problem is there seem to be so many kids with A45S/Golf R/M3/M135 etc. Had one kid in a tuned Saab 1.8T the other day, i made my point and slowed down, then he was doing EVERYTHING he could to get ahead in traffic, undertaking, heavy braking, nearly losing it around roundabouts etc.
  8. Where you going in Scotland? We're going to drive to the highlands and rent so out a cottage or something later in the year as we were meant to go to Canada this year but there has been some virus thing going around!
  9. Where do you guys feel your car is most at home? I've just come back from an hour or so drive round the Chilterns and the B roads are so bumpy these days. B Roads - bumpy and the car skips around a lot, come out of the corners, squirt the throttle and you're going too fast for the road almost instantly! I actually found myself deliberately using less than full power and a higher gear just so I could stay on the power longer and keep the noise otherwise its all over too quickly. Dual Carriageways - fun round roundabouts, exiting and on straights, will take care of almost anything you come across, but easily doing 70mph and then you're in licence losing territory very quickly Motorways - boring as hell until you get to a nice roundabout sequence at a junction! It kind of feels like the car is most at home on a dual carriageway as its smooth and you can open it up! Agreed regarding the wildly different figures people get, its all about how it drives.
  10. I'm not driving it from the bumpers tho
  11. I should have mentioned that I have a company van, a T6 DSG (which i don't use for work, but for model plane flying), and I'm mostly commuting in that too, so this is a 2nd car already, this means I suppose i could do some bits without ruining it as a daily driver as its not. I was thinking of more induction noise like mentioned but the R600 seems to be the correct part to keep induction temps down compared to an open one but doesn't change the sound much does it? I'm sure an open one would sound awesome but drag in loads of heat from under the bonnet?
  12. I agree. I'm kinda thinking its not about the outright performance figures either, maybe something that feels quicker than the R but maybe isn't! I spent some time earlier looking at what £12-14k gets you from Subaru, looks like its an ancient one, would seem odd to swap a 14 plate R for a 08-10 plate STI! Then I noticed you can turbo charge a BRZ/GT86, I think at 1270kg with the potential for 260-300 HP, that could be fun and I'm not gonna see another one every time i leave the house! But then its £5k just for the turbo kit! A friend mine has an older Cayman and raves about it! I think the main problem is the refinement and therefore weight of modern cars, that and the faster turbo spool up giving power lower down, its all just too easy! Seems all the kids go out and buy DSG Golf Rs now and just launch them every 5 minutes! I dunno, probably end up keeping this, maybe add some more noise, doubt its a great market to sell in right now!
  13. I've had my 64 plate Manual for nearly a year now, I did APR Stage 1 in a black Friday deal at the end of last year and its been a quick and reliable car. Luckily the previous owner had just dropped 4 new tyres on and had done an organic clutch earlier in the year so it was a very cheap performance boost! The car is certainly capable, but I can't help feeling a little underwhelmed by the drive. I feel like its too refined, heavy and capable. Driving it doesn't feel like an "event", as once you're off the power it just settles back into a family hatchback! I have considered Stage 2 but I'm told i'll need an even beefier clutch, downpipe, intake etc. which seems a lot of money for not a lot of extra performance so I wondered if anyone else had gone stage 1->2? Outside of this, is the decat/sports cat going to give the exhaust more noise on boost but keep it sensible on a cruise? I guess i'm looking for a a combination of making it a bit more special to drive, more exciting, but without ruining it for me or ruining the resale value. The car has ~50k on it and i hear stories of the IS38 giving up and really done want to go there! It's either that or sell up and find something smaller that's more engaging to drive. I had a 340hp MY00 impreza a long time ago (~1200kg) and every drive was special. Maybe it was the flat 4 or the fact I was younger! Also maybe the roads are worse now, i feel like my impreza handled the bumps better, whereas the Golf R seems to skip laterally over bumps on bends more. Bit of a vague question I know, but wondered if anyone else felt/feels the same? I guess people who did, have long since sold and bought something else, so arent here anymore! Edit: just realised there is a modifying your mk7 section, sorry mods! Please can you move!
  14. Thought I'd post some details as i got this on a black Friday deal about a month ago now. My motor is a 64 plate manual with no hardware modifications at all. The power increase is very noticeable. I feel there is no increase in lag, if anything there is a bit more low down torque. I find i'm now having to back off a lot more as the car is reaching higher speeds quicker and it can get away from you a bit! No increase in induction noise (inside the car), however I do hear what sounds like wastegate flutter on low boost (say around 3,000 rpm when lifting), I dont hear it at all when pushing, maybe because the exhaust drowns it out. I've never had a recirc valve before (my old car had an atmospheric one), so I don't know if this is just the recirc or the wastegate. Its also very inconsistent, maybe its not right? Engine Overrun - I get this a lot and its a bit annoying sometimes. If I'm pushing and lift, the car does seem to continue pulling for a brief moment before backing off. I'm told this is normal and it doesnt happen all the time, but still worth a mention Fuel economy is unaffected but I have it in race mode more now so i'm probably using more! Water temp unaffected but I found that my oil temp is lower! Previously it would hit 110c on a motorway cruising at 70mph and in traffic but i've not seen it above 105c now and it mostly sits around 100c. Does the car have an oil cooler radiator which can be closed off / opened by the ECU? Maybe a change in this setting in the map changes this ECO mode is now very very strange. As its a manual, pressing the accelerator past the click in the pedal takes it out of eco and gives you full maximum power, However lifting after doing this is strange as it seems to switch back to ECO mode and the engine appears to be very unhappy with this. i can only imagine it's not got the fuel overrun which it would have in race mode when lifting? Exhaust Overrun - slightly more burbles and cracks from the back but certainly not annoying like i'd find an actual pop/bang map! Its now apparently quite terrifying to people who haven't been in quick cars before! Especially in the back! Hope some of that helps anyone thinking of an APR Stage 1 and i'd welcome feedback on some of my questions if anyone knows the answers
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