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    I've owned this for a couple of years now, bought it as a fun 2nd car. It's had a Sachs Organic Clutch from VRS in the last 10k miles as well as new tyres all round which have got a lot of tread left. I got the APR Stage 1 remap shortly after buying it. Its last 2 services were done at VRS Performance and I had them do a Haldex service and fit new rear pads and discs at the same time. Its covered just 1000 miles since the last service a year ago. I'm selling it as I work from home and it's barely used. Hopefully someone else can enjoy it now. I've never had it dyno'd (as driving it speaks for itself more than numbers), but I understand APR Stage 1 is easily ~360-370hp all day. The file i had was the High Torque 98 RON map as its got the upgraded clutch to handle it. Condition is pretty good as you can see from the pictures, a few stone chips as to be expected from a 7 year old car. Everything works, nice and tidy inside. I've also ensured its always warmed through before going over 3k. MOT until October. ALWAYS run on Shell Optimax from my local garage since i've owned it. I'm located in Hertfordshire, private sale.


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  2. Problem is that they're actually quite loud from standard from the outside, you just lose most of it because the car is so well sound insulated. My car has the res delete and Stage 1 and there is a bit of overrun but not really pops. I often drive around with the back seat down for more volume. But the dilemma i've had is that if I make it loud enough to hear on the inside (back box / whatever), then it'll be a LOT louder outside and I dont want to be driving a lunatic sounding car! Rather than make an expensive mistake, get to a VAG tuning place or a meet and have a
  3. As you're in Herts, you're not far from VRS Performance, maybe get it in there and get them to take a look, assuming that's not where you got it from of course, if you did, then take it back there anyway!
  4. Not another car, but this is pretty much my daily (my Golf R is just for "fun"). I actually prefer driving this on long journeys due to the higher seating position and the fact it has DSG where my Golf R is manual (which is more fun on short drives). Getting on for 4 years old now but has had some work done (windows cut in, bulkhead removed, carpet, floor, leisure battery, storage boxes and cargo runners to secure my model planes, which is what its for, Sportline springs to make it sit a bit lower). We went to a flying competition in Italy a few years back and took two
  5. Looks great in Grey. Practical too like you say. Welcome to the club.
  6. If/when I get rid of my mk7 i'll be going a completely different direction. I get bored after a while and a mk8 is just too much of the "same again" (which granted works in the pub). After nearly 2 years of ownership, I fancy something with a bit more personality, the looks are still pretty dull compared with other cars and as its not my daily driver I dont need the comfort and features I get with the R. That said, for anyone wanting an excellent all round daily, don't think you can really go wrong but i'm not a person to just buy a new version of something i've already got.
  7. Thanks, guess I need to participate more No rush, was just going to sling it up here before Autotrader defo wouldn't be selling to any of the usual mass traders. Tried once a while back with a different motor and despite there being no problems with it, they offered me about 15% less than the website when i turned up and spent an hour with them going round it!
  8. What do I need to do to be able to list a car on here?
  9. Quick update on this. Turns out my car already has a res-delete! Went in for a service and they mentioned it. I've really never noticed a drone, I thought my car was super quiet, it must be REALLY quiet with the resonator on there then! Think its nearly time for a cat back system!
  10. I've got the poverty spec head unit in my car as was standard on the 14 plate. I know Android Auto and Carplay was added to later models but is there a simple way to retrofit a newer unit into a mk7 without a load of messing about or is this one of those order up a ton of parts, recode and generally not worth it things? I'm spoiled, I have a 67 plate Transporter T6 with Android Auto which is awesome and now I want it in the car too!
  11. I think if they bring out the BRZ next year with the turbo thats rumoured, it'll be ~250hp and may well be tunable to 300 then it may well tick all the boxes! In the mean time (cos i dont fancy a 200hp BRZ or a 6 year older Cayman for the same money as my R), I will do a res delete, induction (boost pipe, elbow and maybe an induction kit) and see how that goes. Don't fancy laying out £1-2k for a cat back! The previous owner had the tyre pressures quite high and it make the backend a bit more lively, I posted on here and eventually i reduced the pressures and it sorted
  12. You got it! Hatchbacks are just getting heavier and more powerful. Merc, Audi, BMW, VW all knocking out quite frankly ridiculous cars now, feels like a last hurrah before petrol is no more The Fiesta ST I drove was a right hoot but for straight line performance it was just "ok", guess it just comes down to having fun for yourself or "burning someone up". I guess most of the people who are thinking like me have sold their R's and arent on here to reply any more!
  13. doesn't the res delete also introduce a lot of cabin drone?
  14. So how do I get a bit more exhaust noise without it being crazy?
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