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  1. Jussi70

    Littco IS38 Turbo

    Hi, i have APR Stage 2 Medium Torque now and planned High Torque+ few other mods. Also interested in Littco IS38X turbo for peace of mind. It has clipped turbine and little lag in paper but is that noticeable in real driving? Any experinces and comments?
  2. Jussi70


    Is there any differences between MQB- based cars related to IC. So is same cooler suitable for VW, Audi and Seat?
  3. Jussi70

    APR tcu software

    Is there any negative aspects when using APR TCU tune or is it 100% brilliant? I have heard that gear changes are quick and smooth.
  4. Jussi70

    Turbo upgrade

    How about Revo IS38ETR? Max torque is at 3500 rpm based on graphs. https://www.revotechnik.com/product-details/software/seat/leon-mk3-2012-/194/stage-3